Feb 24, 2008

Bachelor Party Ideas

Now this being a family friendly site, I am only going to go into detail about Clean Bachelor Party Ideas. I am sure other resources on the internet can help you plan a soiree involving alcohol, exposed female protuberances and carnality galore, but here at Modern Wedding Advice we are more interested in Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties that involve the Bride and Groom being on good terms afterwards. So Best Man and Maid of Honor, remember this (it is probably your most important duty), Do Not End the Relationship with a orgy worthy of Caligula.

That said, here follows so unconventional and more common ideas for a clean, fun and safe Bachelor Party.

-You're adults, but that doesn't mean you have to act the parts! A scavenger hunt (complete with clues and a treasure map) will bring out the children in all of you, and prizes can be as grown-up as you like (bottles of champagne or gift certificates for a massage, for instance). Use a friend's house or garden and be as creative as you dare.

-Now if you are upset at the proposal of any non-commandment breaking Bachelor Party (you are probably single) why not throw a funeral roast instead. This is an idea for the man who wants to give his friend a hard-time without making the bride mad. You can get a life-sized coffin and fill it with all sorts of Manly items- Black books, nudie magazines, Erotic Tapes and bury it in one of the guys backyards. You can then roast your buddy and tell him how much he is going to miss.

-You can grab the friends and head for the mountains, or rivers and do a camping weekend. This is kind of a "boys need to be boys" weekend. It is self explanatory camping trip, fishing, hiking, or kayaking. White water rafting can be fun too.

-Casino Trip is a great way to involve a Bar scene and a risk. Sit around a Poker table in at one of the groomsmen's house, if no casino is nearby.

-If the time of year is right, you can all get together and go to a baseball game or a Soccer match.

The main thing is remember to have fun and celebrate these last days of being "single". There is no need to mourn them, well unless you choose the funeral idea.


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