May 23, 2008

Romantic Cake Designs

Incorporating floral designs whether real or sugar paste, is a sure fire way of increasing the romanticism of your wedding cake. Take a three-tiered white cake and surround each layer with red rose petals or silver rose petals, or gather individual roses for a fragrant cake topper.

Other romantic floral elements can include pansies, ranunculus, sweet peas, and hydrangea scattered over royal icing or smooth butter-cream. Flowers aren't the only way to increase the romantic feelings of your wedding cake, other methods include decorating techniques. Swiss dot- inspired piping, basket weave patterns, and cakes wrapped like gifts implore the onlookers to think of romance. Top it off with a brilliant cake topper, perhaps doves, entwined hearts or a simple monogram and romance will be all they can think of.

Color can be used to enhance the romantic theme wedding cake. Sheer pastels, such as pinks, yellows, and blues will evoke a fairy-tale setting, while ivory fondant-covered cake remains the most classic symbol for romance. Crown it with a delicate gum-paste garden and edge each layer with an edible version of the bride's wedding gown lace and no one will mistake the romance of the wedding cake.

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May 22, 2008

Types of Lilies

Lilies have long held spiritual and philosophical significance, symbolizing innocence, purity, and new life. There are many varieties, and many colors. Some lilies have a beautiful, strong fragrance, others have hardly any fragrance at all. Alone or as part of a large bouquet, lilies are beautiful wedding flowers.

Easter Lily- Also known as a Bermuda Lily. These have white, trumpet-shaped blossoms. They symbolize purity, hope, and life. Easter lilies are commonly used as wedding flowers.

Asiatic Lily- Flowers in the Asiatic Lily family come in white, pink, plum, yellow, orange, red. They are usually not scented.

Stargazer Lily- Stargazer lilies are absolutely beautiful, traditional lilies. They are available in white, pink, salmon, and crimson. They have a wonderful, sweet fragrance.
White stargazer lilies are said to symbolize purity, and pink stargazer lilies are said to symbolize prosperity.

Calla lily- Calla lilies symbolize beauty. Traditional white lilies are common in bridal bouquets, though red calla lilies are also quite stunning.

Martagon hybrids- Yellow, white, pink, lavender, light orange, deep dark red; with freckles and spots. Turk's Cap.

Trumpet lilies- Varieties of trumpet or aurelian lilies have spotless, fused petals. Highly fragrant. Trumpet lilies are primarily available in white and yellow.

Tiger lily- Several varieties are referred to as tiger lilies. These take their name from their orange color with darker spots along the petals. Tiger lilies symbolize wealth, prosperity, and pride.

Humboldt's lily- Humboldt's lilies are golden orange, with deep red spots.

Shasta lily- Shasta lilies are white or light pink, with almost purple spots. These are a fragrant lily

Madonna lily- Madonna lilies are white, with yellow at the base. These are fragrant and beautiful flowers.

Goldband lily- Goldband lilies have the largest flowers of all lilies. They are white with golden yellow markings. They are a fragrant lily.

Orange lily (fire lily)- These lilies are striking in appearance, but be aware that giving these as a gift is thought to signify death. Be careful with the bouquet toss!

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Cake Designer Contract

The following are some basic parts you will need to include in your contract with the baker who is going to designer and present your wedding cake. It is standard, but you should definately include all the details, because the last thing you want is to get the wrong cake or worse no cake at all.

Vendor contact information
- Name of business, address, phone number
- Name of specific designer you are using
- Emergency contact number for day of wedding

Client information
- Your (and the groom’s) full name, address, phone number
- Alternate contact
- Wedding date and time
- Location for delivery

Comprehensive list of details of cake
- Cake flavor, fillings, and frostings
- Number of tiers
- Shape
- Number of slices
- D├ęcor, such as flowers and cake topper

Rental items if applicable
- Stand
- Table
- Server
- Topper

Payment and refund policies
- Total price
- Deposit amount
- Due date of balance
- Deposit for rental items and cost if not returned in specified condition
- Delivery and set-up fees
- Penalties if you cancel and last date to cancel without forfeiting entire cost
- Policy if baker cancels
- Acceptable forms of payments
- Gratuities

Specifics regarding delivery and set-up
- Who will be delivering the cake
- Time of delivery
- If pick-up, who will pick up and what time

Any special requests
- Anniversary cake
- Cake boxes

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May 21, 2008

Rose Color Meanings

Roses are a classic romantic flower, perfect for weddings. Here are some meanings commonly attributed to different colors of roses. Whether alone or part of a mixed bouquet, roses are an excellent choice of flower of a wedding.

Red- Love, romance, beauty, perfection, passion, courage

Pink- Love, Admiration, appreciation, joyfulness, grace, femininity

Yellow- Warmth, happiness, friendship, joyfulness, new beginnings, good luck

White- Innocence, purity, honor, happiness new beginnings

Orange- Passion, desire, romance, enthusiasm, fascination

Lavender- Enchantment, love at first sight

Red and White- Unity

Red and Pink- Passion and romance

Red and Yellow- Joy, happiness, celebration

Yellow and White- Harmony, happiness

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Timeless Wedding Cake

Even the modern Bride and Groom might consider the idea of keeping some classic traditions. It is the best way to have a modern wedding, by incorporating classic and contemporary ideas. The easiest way to keep a classic element is with a timeless wedding cake.

The white, three to five tiered, round cake remains the most timeless wedding cake. It is compromised of vanilla pound cake and white butter-cream filling, and iced with white butter-cream or fondant. Modern and elegant, it remains classic in its simplicity. The white and simple features, like simple patterns, such as piped shell borders, small swags, delicate scrolling, or ivory rosettes keep it attractive whilst not drawing too much attention to the cake itself. The traditional bride and groom cake topper is the most timeless look for this cake.

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May 20, 2008

Important things to discuss: Finances

There are lots of things to talk about before you get married. Some of them are more fun than others. One that might not be fun, but is very important, is the topic of finances.

Be very honest with each other. What kind of debt do you have? What savings do you have? Investments? What is your credit like? It's important to know ahead of time what you are stepping into, in order to avoid surprises after the wedding that could result in hurt and anger.

Discuss what type of spenders you are. How will you balance things if these are different? How will you set your budget? Decide what percentages of your budget will go towards savings, repaying debt, necessary expenses, and discretionary expenses.

Decide who will be responsible for paying the bills and managing your money. If one of you has a better financial sense, or is better about remembering to pay things on time, that's the natural choice. Whatever you decide, make sure that you're both comfortable with it. You can always reevaluate later.

Do you want to completely blend your finances, or would you prefer to have separate accounts? Will this be based on who makes more, or will you share equally?

Discuss how much money you think it is okay to spend without checking with your spouse. We find it helpful to allot a certain amount of money from our budget each month for personal discretionary spending. If I want to go out for coffee, or go shopping for something fun but not necessary (like a new purse), or if Mickey wants to go out with his buddies, or buy a scratch ticket, the money comes out of that budget. This money can be spent or saved and used for a larger purchase later. It's money we can use on gifts for each other. Whatever we decide to do with it is okay, because it's an amount that we agreed together that we could afford to spend.

Whoever manages the finances, make sure you're both aware of what your situation is. If one person is going to set the budget, make sure both parties understand it and are comfortable with it. Check in at least weekly to see how you're doing with it.

Finances can be a big cause of stress in a marriage. The key to avoiding this is plenty of open and honest communication. Get started with this now, before you're married, and it will help you for years down the road.

Wedding Cupcake Cake

For the modern wedding couple who is not only trying for a great special wedding day, but also trying to consider a more budget friendly wedding, an alternative to a wedding cake is especially important. The bride association of America says the avg. wedding cake costs $543 which is huge cost for a simple part of your wedding. A cupcake tree instead of a Wedding cake can considerably lower the cost.

Consider different types of cupcakes for your modern wedding, than the more traditional chocolate or vanilla variety. Also consider the time of year. Lighter cupcakes are better in the summer and spring, angel food cake or lemon, while keeping your ganache or pudding-filled cupcakes for the fall and winter. For your lighter cupcakes you can consider adding a lighter frosting and some seasonal fruit like strawberries, kiwi or lemon.

The more exotic the cupcake the more people will enjoy it. Highly customized cupcakes with haute cuisine ingredients are currently all the rage. People want very special cupcakes tailored to their wedding and their personality. Personalization can mean, wedding colors, initials, nationalities, and even astrological signs. The ingredient are for a sophisticated foodie, including chocolate ganache, cardamom, green tea and lavender are currently some of the wedding trends.

Keep the presentation unique but attainable. The point is to make them accessible so your guest can eat them.

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May 18, 2008

Wedding Cake Cost-Cutting

Modern Bride's and Groom's have a great ability to have a more reasoned thought process when considering wedding budgets. It can be the extreme overall cost of modern weddings, but more likely it is the fact that the modern couple is usually footing at least part of the bill. Here are some ways to lessen the financial burden by cutting some costs on the wedding cake.

Double-duty- Many caterers will charge you to cut a cake from an outside designer, whether or not they recommended them. And the outside designer will charge you delivery and setup fees. Cut the double charge out of your bill by using the caterers pastry chef instead of an outside designer, they will most likely be able to produce a splendid cake at a fraction of the cost.

Variety costs less- If instead of one large cake for everyone, you order several smaller cakes, you will usually save a great deal of money on assembly charges. And with this option you can have different types of cake, so for the diabetics, chocolate lovers, and cheesecake freaks, everyone will be happy.

Flowers sometimes cost less- Don't tell this to your florist but flower do cost less as wedding cake decorations then the more traditional sugar pastes. If you keep the sugar decorations to a minimum and add more floral designs to your cake you will save money.

Small cake feeding all- Huge tiered cakes can cost a fortune and sometimes when you talk to your baker, they will push for them. But you can feed your 200 guests simply by using a smaller cake for the picture and cake-cutting moments. Then when the cake is whisked away to be cut, they can instead use a large sheet cake of the same recipe for the the guests. No one will know the difference. And sheet cakes will taste the same and cost hundreds less.

Satellite, not Tiered- A satellite cake is created when an upper layer of separate cakes is tiered on top of a lower layer of separate cakes. The lower layer serves as the cake's "base." Essentially, satellite cakes are used when the cake needs to be built "out" as well as "up," and when the cost of creating a tall cake is prohibitive to the wedding budget. If you're a bride in need of a towering multi-layer cake, ask your baker about adding satellites instead of tiers. It's a beautiful solution to an otherwise pricey problem.

Square is costly- Boxy cakes are mod, but they are more difficult for the baker to build and frost. It takes time and talent and more money because of that. If you are trying to save money, use a more traditional round cake.

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