May 9, 2008

Holiday Dates for 2009 Wedding Planning

Now that you have decided to say your "I do's" you just need to pick the best date which to say them on. Holiday weekends in 2008 and 2009 can give you a few pro's and con's. You get that extra day to plan, but also most reception venues will charge you a Saturday rate for your wedding. Here are the dates in 2008 and 2009 which you must consider carefully before signing any contracts. Wedding planning for your 2008 wedding should be in full swing, but your still have some time for your 2009 wedding.

Holiday Weekends

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (always a Monday)
January 19, 2009

President's Day (always a Monday)
February 16, 2009

Memorial Day (always a Monday)
May 26, 2008
May 25, 2009

Independence Day
Friday, July 4, 2008
Saturday, July 4, 2009

Labor Day (always a Monday)
September 1, 2008
September 7, 2009

Columbus Day (always a Monday)
October 13, 2008
October 12, 2009

Thanksgiving (always a Thursday)
November 27, 2008
November 26, 2009

New Year's Eve
Wednesday, December 31, 2008
Thursday, December 31, 2009

Religious Holidays
Be mindful of religious holidays (yours and your guests') when planning your wedding. There may even be restrictions at your house of worship as to whether you're allowed to marry at these times.

Palm Sunday
April 5, 2009

Easter Sunday
April 12, 2009

Passover (begins at sunset the night before)
Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rosh Hashanah
In 2008, begins at sunset on Monday, September 29, and lasts until nightfall on Wednesday, October 1
In 2009, begins at sunset on Saturday, September 19, and lasts until nightfall on Sunday, September 20

Yom Kippur (begins at sunset the night before)
Thursday, October 9, 2008
Monday, September 28, 2009

Hanukkah (begins at sunset the night before)
Monday, December 22, 2008
Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thursday, December 25, 2008
Friday, December 25, 2009

Begins Friday, December 26, 2008
Begins Saturday, December 26, 2009 through Friday, January 1, 2010

Costly Holidays
If you're looking to marry around Valentine's Day, be wary of your floral bill, especially if you've got your heart set on red roses -- they're likely to be more costly than at any other time of the year. Likewise, reception sites often charge a higher fee for a New Year's Eve wedding.

Notable Holidays
April Fool's Day
If you and your fiance are jokesters at heart, this could be the perfect wedding day for you. If not, choose another day.
Tuesday, April 1, 2008
Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mother's Day
Make sure your mom is okay with sharing this weekend with your wedding -- but it could be the perfect opportunity to honor her. If you do choose it, at your day-after brunch make a toast to all the mothers in the room.
May 11, 2008
May 10, 2009

Father's Day
Ditto for dad.
June 15, 2008
June 21, 2009

Avoid it if you're terrified that someone might actually show up in costume.
Friday, October, 31, 2008
Saturday, October 31, 2009

Days of Remembrance
Historically significant days may cause a conflict of interest for some guests.
September 11: Falls on a Thursday in 2008 and a Friday in 2009
December 7, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day: In 2008 it's on a Sunday, and falls on a Monday in 2009

Super Bowl
If you don't live in r Tampa, and are marrying on the Saturday rather than the Sunday of Super Bowl weekend, then the big game shouldn't affect your wedding too much -- unless you and your hubby are diehard pigskin fans and can't bear to miss the big game for your honeymoon. If in doubt, steer clear of these dates:
Sunday, February 1, 2009, Tampa, FL

Final Four/March Madness
Everyone loves the excitement of college b-ball (and betting on it!). Keep your sports fans at bay by avoiding these dates:
Saturday, April 4, 2009 and Monday, April 6, 2009, Detroit, MI

Quirky Dates
If you wish to have a remberable event with a quirky date here are your choices.
03/06/09 falls on a Friday
09/09/09 falls on a Wednesday

Other Dates to Avoid
College reunions and/or homecoming, big conventions in your city (call your local chamber of commerce), and any annual charity events that involve your family or close friends.

Group USA & Camille La Vie Bridesmaids

Group USA & Camille La Vie Bridesmaids Collection
Our focus is to fulfill the needs of the Modern Woman. The woman who desires to look as young as she feels. We understand that her clothing should reflect her style and compliment her body image. While she is primarily fashion driven, she appreciates value and demands quality. She wants the best at a lower price.

Our mission is to provide our customers with "unmistakable style at an irresistible value." We attract women who are confident, independent, alluring, sexy, colorful, vibrant, energized and love to have fun. Women looking for that magical moment - a dream come true! We are committed to providing her with friendly service in an energized environment and a shopping experience beyond their expectations!

We are a major destination for formal dresses for Prom, Homecoming, Wedding, and After-Five. We offer one of the most extensive and exciting collections of special occasion apparel that can be found under one roof! In select stores you can discover an alluring collection of bridal apparel including gowns for the bride, and dresses for bridesmaids, flower girls, and mother of the bride. We provide alteration experts and consulting services in all stores with Bridal Departments.

Group USA & Camille La Vie Bridesmaids Collection gallery and retailer information available at Camille La Vie.

More Bridesmaid Dress Designers

Bridesmaids: Elon Michelle

Elon Michelle Bridesmaid Collection
As children, most of us dream of what we want to be when we grow up. For Elon Michelle, that dream centered on becoming a fashion designer. Until 2003, designing had only been a hobby for Elon Michelle while she pursued a demanding career on Wall Street. With the launch of her first collection in 2004, Elon Michelle has turned a childhood dream into a reality.

Elon Michelle designs bridesmaid attire, eveningwear, and special occasion dresses for the sophisticated woman. Her designs may be found in select fine bridal boutiques throughout the U.S. and Canada. Elon Michelle also welcomes direct orders from customers who are not conveniently located to a retail store.

Elon Michelle Bridesmaid Collection gallery and retailer information available at Elon Michelle.

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Funny Wedding Toast with Music

Wedding Toast are the moment during the reception when a person is able to share there deep affection for the bride and groom. They can be fun, emotional or simply silly. It is hard to picture a better wedding toast then the one featured on StyleMePretty and Masterpiecewedding. This is a musical tribute to a bride, named Amy.

It is done perfectly using humor surprises and music. I haven't seen a better toast online or in person. You can view it here.

May 8, 2008

More Country First Dance Music

The first list of Country first dance songs was so well received that has added some more for your enjoyment. You can listen to each through the link provided for free. You can read the lyrics for each song following the provided links. You can also purchase these songs safely and securely through, also through the link provided.

"Just You And I" by Eddie Rabbitt & Crystal Gayle
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"Keeper Of The Stars" by Tracy Byrd
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"Look Heart, No Hands" by Randy Travis
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"Love Of My Life" by Sammy Kershaw
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"Made For Loving You" by Doug Stone
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"Me And You" by Kenny Chesney
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"More" by Andy Williams
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"Need I Say More" by George Strait
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"One Boy One Girl" by Colin Raye
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"Pledging My Love" by Emmylou Harris
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"The Man In Love With You" by George Strait
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"The Vows Go Unbroken" by Kenny Rogers
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"When Love Finds You" by Vince Gill
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"Your Love Amazes Me" by John Berry
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

More Wedding Music

Country First Dance Songs

Whether your having a Country flavored reception or are just a Country music die-hard, here is the list of First dance songs for you. You can listen to each through the link provided for free. You can read the lyrics for each song following the provided links. You can also purchase these songs safely and securely through, also through the link provided.

"A Long And Lasting Love" by Crystal Gayle
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"All I Need To Know" by Kenny Chesney
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"Annie's Song" by John Denver
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"At Last" by Gene Watson
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"Darlin' Companion" by Johnny Cash & Emmylou Harris
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"Friends For Life" by Debby Boone
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"Friends" by Michael W. Smith
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"Go There With You" by Steven Curtis Chapman
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"God Causes All Things To Grow" by Steve Green
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"Here, There And Everywhere" by Emmylou Harris
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"I Cross My Heart" by George Strait
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"I Do" by Paul Brandt
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"I Love The Way You Love Me" by John Michael Montgomery
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"I Never Knew Love" by Doug Stone
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"If Tomorrow Never Comes" by Garth Brooks
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"I'll Be There For You" by Kenny Rogers
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

"In This Life" by Colin Raye
View Country Lyrics
Listen to Country First Dance Song

More Country First Dance Songs

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May 5, 2008

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Mickey wrote an article about Bachelor Parties; now it's my turn to write about Bachelorettes. I really like his ideas, so some of this will sound familiar.

-Have a photo scavenger hunt
Come up with a list of shots every group has to get, and make sure every group has a digital camera. Have a starting and ending place established. The crazier the ideas you come up with, the more fun it will be. Have everyone print their pictures before they return, and at the end, put all the pictures into an album. This will be a great keepsake for the bride.

Some ideas:
* Somebody doing a handstand
* Posing with and imitating a statue
* Acting out a scene from a movie (preferrably one of the bride's favorites)
* Everyone dressing up as a character using makeshift costumes
* Cramming as many people as possible into a small space. Enlist the help of people outside the scavenger hunt for this one. Alternately, find the smallest possible space you can fit everyone on your team into.
* Everyone jumping, and caught mid-air for the picture
* Goofing around at a playground

-Camping Trip
This could be a great outdoors experience, with campfires, s'mores, ghost stories, trust falls, canoeing, etc.; or it could mean pitching a tent in a backyard and having a barbecue. Or pitching a tent in a living room in the winter.

-Have a slumber party
Get all the girls together for a total girls' night in. Do makeovers (Crazy makeup and 80's hairdos anyone?); make popcorn and watch chick flicks; eat Ben & Jerry's out of the carton, then have a dance-off so no one worries too much about fitting into their dresses; facial masks; manicures and pedicures; truth or dare; crazy stories about the bride. Look around a crafts store and pick out something everybody can decorate for the bride. You could also have everyone make their own t-shirts, decorated with markers or fabric paint, or tie-dye.

-Have a spa trip
Give everyone a break from pre-wedding stress

-Go to a piano bar
Go for a night out somewhere other than a typical bar

-Head to a casino
If there's one near you, make a night of it

-High Tea
Have everyone get dressed in their best and do High Tea at a ritzy hotel. Or you could get together at one of the girls houses, This is a fun option to include the older members of the Bridal Family, Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom.

-Hire a Bellydancing Instructor
You can have a professional bellydancer come to the party and give all the ladies a lesson. This is a fun way to learn something new and will make for great memories. This is also a great way to celebrate your femininity

-Have a theme party
Throw a lingerie party where everyone brings a gift of lingerie for the bride.

Things to keep in mind:
Expecting people to participate in something that's too much of a financial burden can cause a lot of resentment.
Some men think a bachelorette party means it's open season on the bride. If you're going out in public, maybe take turns playing body-guard to the bride to prevent unwanted advances from men who think they can walk up and kiss the bride-to-be, or other such nonsense.

Most importantly, Have fun!


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Bridesmaid Dress Designers

Here is a selection of Bridesmaid dress designers. Simply click on the name to see pictures and designer information, as well as how to order their Dresses perfect for your Bridesmaids.

2 Be Social- Nathan Taylor

After Six

Alexia Designs

Alfred Angelo Bridesmaids

Alfred Sung

Ali B Maids

Alvina Valenta Bridesmaids

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Ann Taylor Celebrations

Aria Bridesmaids

B2 by Jasmine

Badgley Mischka

Bari Jay Bridesmaids

Bella Formals by Venus

Belsoie by Jasmine

Bill Levkoff


Coren Moore

Couture Collection by Jordan Fashions

DaVinci Bridesmaids

Dessy Collection

Eden Maids

Elon Michelle

Group USA & Camille La Vie Bridesmaids

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Moonlight Bridesmaids- Val Stefani

Mori Lee

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Priscilla of Boston

Raylia Designs

Saison Blanche Bridesmaids

Simple Silhouettes


Suzanne Neville London

The Alexandra Collection by Paula Varsalona

Vera Wang Maids

Vineyard Collection

Watters & Watters

Winnie Couture Bridesmaids


May 4, 2008

Hiring A Wedding Planner

Wedding Planning can be overwhelming. There are so many details to attend to, things you’ve never had to consider before. Your family and friends might have plenty of good suggestions, but they could be all over the place and you just don’t know who’s got it “right.” Everyone has a different opinion on how you should or shouldn’t do things. You have to start somewhere. One place to start that can help you preserve your sanity along the way is to look for and hire a wedding planner.

A Wedding Planner can help you make a game plan, stay on track, deal with vendors, and plan and execute your dream wedding. A professional Wedding Planner has been through all the details of a Wedding plenty of times, and you can benefit greatly from their expertise, as well as their connections.

Tell your Wedding Planner your goals for your Wedding. They’ll listen to you and figure out how they can best make your vision come true. They might come up with a great suggestion you never would have thought of. They can tell you things that they have witnessed that do or do not work well, and why. If you’re overlooking an important detail, your Wedding Planner will pick up on it right away. He or she will help you prioritize your Wedding Planning tasks.

Your Wedding Planner will help you with all of your negotiations with other vendors. A professional Wedding Planner knows what to ask, knows what should be included in a contract, and where hidden charges may lie. He or she has done this many times and will probably have more skill with strictly Wedding related negotiations. A Wedding Planner will also have more sway with Wedding vendors. Vendors want to impress Planners so that they get repeat business, so they often will give deals to a Wedding Planner’s clients. And a Wedding Planner also wants repeat business, so it is in their own best interest to only recommend the best of the best vendors.

A Wedding Planner will help you negotiate the best deals with the vendors you contract with, and they will also help you see where you might be spending unnecessary cash. It is again in their best interest to make you happy, so that you will recommend them to other engaged couples. Between these savings with vendors, and the countless hours of frustration and planning that you’d have to spend figuring all these things out on your own as the first time you plan a Wedding, a Wedding Planner is a cost that is easily justified, and may in fact be less than you’d spend negotiating with vendors on your own.

A Wedding Planner will play a huge role in your Big Day, so choose wisely. You need to make sure you choose a wedding planner who is very organized, has great follow-through, listens to you, and has a good reputation. Ask any one you know who has used a Wedding Planner who they used and what they thought of their services. Check the Yellow Pages, search online. Interview several Wedding Planners. Ask each candidate: What services do they offer? What is their fee? What does the fee include? How many Weddings do they do per year? How long have they been a Wedding Planner? Are they a member of any professional associations? Do they have references? How available are they? Will they be focusing on your Wedding, or on several Weddings at once?

Once you find a Wedding Planner you are comfortable with , sign a contract that details everything that you expect from them. If it's not in their contract, they aren't obligated to do it. You don't want to be hit with an unexpected charge. This should be a happy and rewarding collaboration. Good luck!


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Wedding Registry can be hard to set up, here are some tips.

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Las Vegas Wedding Favors

Whether you're heading to Las Vegas for your Wedding, or just want to bring a little Vegas flair to your reception, here are some favors the will complement the theme.

Personalized Poker Chips. Give each guest a set of poker chips with your Wedding date on them.

Chocolate poker chips. This option offers more immediate gratification, and can be enjoyed by gamblers and non-gamblers alike.

Vegas-themed Coasters. Drink coasters with the card suits, slot machine symbols, or "Married in Las Vegas" printed on them.

Card Suit Bottle Stoppers. Each bottle stopper has a different card suit symbol on it.

Card Suit Wine Glass Charms. A set of these for each guest will come in handy at their next party.

Lucky Horseshoe Keychain. A pewter horseshoe on a keychain will hopefully bring your guests some good luck they can take with them wherever they go.

Note Paper Cubes. A notepaper cube with the sides decorated like dice are fun and practical.

Personalized Deck of Cards. These can even be heart shaped.

A Cocktail Shaker and Packet of Cocktail Mix. Find a mix for a drink you like, add a poem or saying to go with your wedding, and present it along with a cocktail shaker to each guest.

Lucky In Love Tags. Add tags with your names and "Lucky in Love" to any of these favors.

Whimsical Wedding Favors

To add a whimsical fairy tail touch to your Wedding Favors, consider some of these ideas:

Cinderella's Carriage photo frame- These can easily double as place card holders.

Key To My Heart Keychains- A set of keychains for each couple, one with a heart, the other with a key.

Wildflower seed packets- As your love is blooming, your guests can take these home and plant for beautiful blooms of their own.

Pastel votive candles with personalized ribbons- The ribbons can have your names and date, hearts, butterflies, anything you like on them.

Cupid's arrow paperweight- A heart shot with cupid's arrow.

Diamond shaped paperweight- Clear or colored, a glass paperweight in the shape of a diamond.

A pastel or silver single bloom flower vase- Include a silk flower or a real one, and set at each place setting, or arrange on a favor table for a beautiful array.

Silk hand fans- Beautiful folding hand fans with a floral motif will be lovely keepsakes.

Love cookie cutters- Cookie cutters in heart or other love themed shapes, with your favorite cookie recipe tied on with a ribbon.

Love bookmark- A bookmark with the word love surrounded by roses for each guest.

Using Letterpress for Invitations

When it comes time to print you wedding invitations, you should consider having letterpress invitations, budget be damned. Letterpress printing is printed with movable type, and the surface of the type is then inked and pressed against a smooth substance, such as a note card or envelope. Letterpress was the go-to source for printed matter for over 500 years, but since it is so time and process intensive, letterpress has become a specialized art and rather expensive as well. Recently I stumbled upon Vertallee Letterpress, which basically will save your wedding budget (and life).

Their website says "Vertallee is thrilled to work with designers, new parents, brides, grooms, friends, business owners & anyone seeking the sharp, classic quality of letterpress printing. We are capable of all levels of service; from creating a stationary package from scratch to printing our client-designed projects. We especially love bringing your ideas to press and can advise you on the best design choices for premier letterpress results."

Owned by husband-and-wife team Kat and Brad Murph, this full-service letterpress and design firm operates out of a shop in Austin, TX. They roll out their designs on a tabletop Hohner letterpress as well as a Heidelberg. They're happy to design everything from wedding invitations to business cards, and are just as willing to work with other designers as well. They also provide finishing services such as scoring, die cutting, perforating, folding, and trimming.

Working with Kat and Brad is a dream — they will answer all of your emails in a timely manner, and be up front and on budget with estimates. Their work is stunning as well. Take a look at the gallery for some images of their work and press. You can also check out more of their cards and invitation work at their Etsy shop.

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Wedding Programs

A Wedding Program commemorates the people involved in the Wedding, and provides a nice memento of the Wedding. The use of Wedding Programs is common, but not mandatory. If you do use Wedding Programs, the appropriate time to distribute them is as guests enter the ceremony site.

The information to include:

On the front- A graphic, which can be correlated with your invitations and other stationary; your names; the date; and the time and location of the ceremony, if you like.

First page
- The officiant's name, the order of events of the ceremony, the readings (names or verse numbers), and the names of the music selections.

Second page
- Names of people involved in the ceremony: Officiant, parents of the Bride, parents of the Groom, grandparents, Maid of Honor, Best Man, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Ushers, Flower Girl, Ringbearer, Lecters, and Musicians. Also your Wedding Coordinator if you have one.

On the last page
- Thanks yous, a poem, an explanation of the significance of certain elements of the Wedding, a picture or graphic- one, none, or a combination of these elements.


Thursday Night Weddings

In 2008, Weddings on Thursdays are becoming more and more popular. Choosing a Thursday night to hold your Wedding will make you stand out, reduce your competition with other couples, and get you great discounts from vendors. Because this newly popular choice is still relatively uncommon, vendors hope to get your business and can't count on someone else choosing your date.

For a Thursday Night Wedding, it is ideal if the majority of your guests are local. If you have a few important guests from out of town, check with them well in advance to see what their options are for getting enough time off to travel to your Wedding.

On a Thursday night you could have a simple cocktail party atmosphere, or a formal dinner. Evenings are excellent for super elegance. The mid-week time could work equally as well if you'd like a more relaxed feel.

Many Wedding Reception sites offer discounts of up to 50% on Thursdays. This can be a way to afford the site of your dreams, at a cost that fits your budget. And, chances are good your guests won't have other events they are obligated to attend on a Thursday evening. People will remember your Wedding for its uniqueness. There are many benefits to choosing this unconventional time to host your Wedding.


Wedding Reading #3

Here's a suggested wedding reading which I think is really nice if religion is a strong part of your life

Psalm 34:2-9

I will bless the Lord at all times;
praise shall be always in my mouth.
My soul will glory in the Lord that the poor may hear and be glad.
Magnify the Lord with me;
let us exalt his name together.
I sought the Lord, who answered me,
Delivered me from all my fears.
Look to God that you may be radiant with joy
and your faces may not blush for shame.
In my misfortune I called,
the Lord heard and saved me from all distress.
The angel of the Lord, who encamps with them,
delivers all who fear God.
Learn to savor how good the Lord is;
happy are those who take refuge in him.

Song of Songs 8:6-7*

True Love

Set me as a seal on your heart,
as a seal on your arm;
For stern as death is love,
relentless as the nether world is devotion;
its flames are a blazing fire.
Deep waters cannot quench love,
nor floods sweep it away.
Were one to offer all he owns to purchase love,
he would be roundly mocked.

*In my Bible (New American Bible St Joseph edition) there is a note with this reading: "In human experience, death and the nether world are inevitable, unrelenting in the end they always triumph. Love, which is just as certain of its victory, matches its strength against the natural enemies of life; waters cannot extinguish it nor floods carry it away. It is more priceless than all riches." More priceless than all riches, indeed.

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Disney Weddings

What Bride doesn't want to celebrate her special day in the land of Fairy Tale Princesses. And with A Walt Disney World Wedding you can actually be the princess you always wanted. Here is a rundown of some of the considerations you will have to take into account when planning your fairy tale.

First your Disney wedding planner will pretty much take care of any and every detail you could ever think of. They will plan these specific elements (depending on budget.
* Ceremony in one of the magical and unique locations of the Hotels of Disney with accompaniment of a classical harpist
* Classic floral to include bridal bouquet, three bridesmaids' bouquets, groom's boutonniere and three groomsmen's boutonnieres
* A Unity Candle arrangement
* Hosted self parking for your guests
* Cocktail reception in one of our Resort Hotel garden locations to include menu items such as cheese and vegetable displays
* Open Bar throughout event (based on five hour event)
* Sit Down dinner with menu items such as:
Roasted Butternut Squash Soup or Romaine Salad
Roasted Meyer Lemon Chicken Breast
Whipped Yukon Gold Potatoes infused with Garlic Asparagus and Red Pepper Strips
Tahitian Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée with Seasonal Berries
Freshly Baked Rolls and Butter
Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee, and Specialty Teas
* Champagne Toast
* Classic designed Wedding Cake
* Table centerpieces (based on 10)
* Chair covers and Bows
* Disc Jockey
* Landscaping Package

Pricing is constantly changing, but the above event could be between $20,000 to $30.000.

Walt Disney World also offers exceptional service at the Disney Wedding Pavilion located across from the Magic Kingdom. They can accommondate up to 12 weddings a day with ceremony size of up to 300. The budgeting for this intimate option starts around $3200 and with the option Disney allows you to pick from can easily go to $50,000.

Well it is expensive to be a Disney Princess. But for the couple who loves Disney this might be the most magical choice you could make.


Bridal Party Transportation

Now in the 2008 Wedding Planning Process you will come to a time when you need to decide upon mode of transportation to and from the Wedding sites. There are a variety of options and you should consider them and how they work with your overall Wedding Theme. Also consider who you need transportation for- Bride, Bride's Father, Bridesmaids, Groom, Groomsmen. Then if you want a third Limo just for the Bride and Groom after the ceremony going to the reception area.

Some options

limousine- This is the most modern tradition there is. The types of Limo's offered nowadays seem endless. You can get everything from a classic black or white limo to a H2 Hummer Limo and many styles in between. This options works well with almost every type of Wedding Theme.

Old-fashioned Car- Whether a Bentley or a model-T the options are great with the classic car. This is a great option for just the Bride and Groom either after the Ceremony or as a getaway car after the reception.

Horse and Buggy
- If the area is right and the time of year is cooperative, a Horse and Buggy can be a fun way for the Bride and Groom to get away. This is a quieter escape that is more dramatic than practical. You will most likely have to have another getaway car down the street, but it is fun for the few moments you will be using it.

Trolleys- Though it might seem like a great idea, if the weather doesn't cooperate then the trolly ride can seem endless in a bad way. If the weather is beautiful than this is a great fun way to escort your Bridal Party.

Your buddy's Ford- Now make certain even if you can't afford to rent some mode of transportation that at least the Bride and Groom are driven away from the reception, even if you have to use the best man's ford.

These are certainly not the only options in Bridal Party Transportation, just some good suggestions. The final decision is up to you, but hopefully you have a good understanding of the types of options you can choose from.


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Selecting Your Maid of Honor

For some people, choosing a maid of honor is a no-brainer. For other people, it might be a much tougher decision. But it is also a very exciting one. Your MOH is your best gal pal, your go-to-girl, your sounding board, a voice of calm in the midst of the craziness of wedding planning, and somebody to squeal and giggle with you over the fun little details. She may be your sister, your bestest pal since you were 3, or someone who's become a wonderful addition to your life more recently.

If you're wondering how on earth you're going to choose, here are a few guidelines for you. (See also Bridal Party Duties)

Family First

If you are lucky enough to have one sister, this makes the decision easy. If you have two, you could have two Maids of Honor, or pick the oldest, or if there's a small age difference between you and one, that might make sense. If one sister has her heart set on it and another doesn't, that can also make it easier. If you are the eldest and your sister is still in kindergarten, then choose your best friend and have your sister be a junior Bridesmaid.

Oldest Friend Next

Even if you aren't the closest anymore. The oldest friend whom you are still on good terms with is next in line. This is the gal whom you grew up telling all your secrets to. This lady has seen you some pretty rough times along with the good, and deserves to be there on this most wonderful day. Plus if you've been friends that long, she already knows your everyday level of crazy, can put up with your bridal crazy, and tell you frankly if you're becoming Bridezilla.

Guys can work

If you find yourself in a unique position that you have no sisters, and no best girlfriends, you could use your brother or best guy friend. Maybe you always hung out with the guys. Maybe you are marrying your closest friend. Whatever the case, your best guy friend will work, under these conditions. If he has been there through all the struggles, was there at the beginning, and you never dated him. If you dated him for even a minute, your future husband may well be jealous of him. This is a time for unity not testing the bonds of your love. A man could also be a male attendant if he's the kind of friend you'd like to have as a "bridesmaid."

Extended Family

If you are not sure who to pick, you can always ask a cousin or an aunt. It is not the best idea to pick your mother (your Maid of Honor is supposed to help you deal with your Mother), but you could if you wanted. You can pick a brother (younger works better). The biggest thing to remember is you can pick whomever you want, just make sure she (or he) is going to help you during these stressful times.

Once you pick your MOH, have them immediately read Bachelorette Party Ideas and tell them to start planning. Oh and just in case (not that you will need the help) have them read How to Avoid Being a 'Bridezilla'. Cheers


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Wedding Cake Toppers

A Wedding Cake with a plastic Bride and Groom smiling on top is a very traditional image. This is quite common, but there are plenty of other options for Wedding Cake Toppers, too.

Bride and Groom- Usually plastic, but available in other mediums as well. This can be a traditional smiling Bride and Groom, or a whimsical pose, or a humorous one.

The Icing on the Cake- You could ask your baker to use icing to create the cake topper. This could be elegant flowers, a design that matches the rest of the cake, or an icing "sculpture." It could be your initials, a heart, or another design that matches the theme of your wedding.

Fresh Flowers- Fresh flowers are a beautiful and different way to adorn the top of your cake.

Photo Frame- Some couples choose to have a photograph atop their cake. Frames specifically designed for this are available.

Wedding Cake Jewelry- Wedding cake jewelry can be spectacular. Options include intertwined hearts, crowns, flowers, stars, or your initials. These are decorated with crystals and can be silver or a variety of colors.

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Wedding favors and bridal shower favors

Indian Wedding Planning

Indian Weddings can be truly magnificent events, uniting two household through the love of the Bride and Bridegroom. It can also be a hard event to plan. Here are a couple website which are dedicated to Indian Wedding Planning and can be highly useful resources for planning your Indian Wedding.

Exotic Indian Weddings

A subsidiary of GeTS Holidays, Exotic Indian Weddings, is represented by a team of creative, enthusiastic, trained and experienced individuals to plan and execute your wedding. They strive to make each wedding the talk of the town. Taking care of every detail of your wedding, you can be assured to relax and just look the best during your wedding.

They plan weddings on a range of themes. Wedding on the beach, or in a majestic forts, in the ski slopes or the gushing Ganges be prepared to experience the illustrious arrangements that they offer you every time. Besides, all pre-marriage preparations, catering, bridal trousseau and honeymoon packages are also aptly taken care of by them.

Indian Wedding Planner

Making your special moment an unforgettable celebration, India Wedding Planner provide personalized and innovative wedding services. India Wedding Planner is one of the most trusted and respected wedding planners in the country that provide complete wedding solutions. Dreaming of a traditional wedding or cruise wedding, they can help you to turn your dream wedding into a reality. Embark on a new journey together in style and leave all your worries behind. India Wedding Planner services include tour booking, hotel booking, flight booking, car rentals, wedding preparation, honeymoon arrangement and many more. India Wedding Planner can take care of all your wedding and travel arrangements.

I Love India- Weddings

Wedding marks the coming together of two individuals. It is a bond not only between two individuals but also between two souls. Indian marriages are clad with rituals and customs. It is an elaborate concept in every Indian community. Nowadays Hindu weddings are celebrated on a large scale. Family and friends get together to celebrate the occasion. The marriage ceremony includes various pre-wedding and wedding functions. Most of these functions take place mostly at the bride's place and some at the groom's place.

The main wedding ceremony usually takes place at the bride's home. On the main day of the function a mandap is erected and the interior is beautifully decorated with flowers, colorful personal adornment, and decorative items. Mostly the wedding is held on a garden, courtyard of the bride's house, a blocked-off street or square. It is an elaborate affair. After the marriage rituals the guests are served with lavish dinner. Indian wedding is all about fun and feast. According to Indian custom the bride and groom are showered with gifts and attention. Their family and friends treat them royally. In Hindu wedding rituals are performed in front of the Hindu deities and joining the bride and groom in an eternal bond of love and commitment.

This is an essential guide for all things Indian, and particularly helpful in planning your Indian Wedding.

Wedding To-do's: 2 Months before Wedding


Mail invitations now, to allow time for responses. Set RSVP date for about 3 weeks PRIOR to the big day, this will allow you to fill those empty slots from an "it would be nice" invite list.

Check local marriage license requirements.

Make an appointment to have your bridal portrait taken 2 to 4 weeks before the wedding.

Confirm dress delivery with bridal shop or seamstress.

Finalize details, times and dates with the other wedding professionals that you've hired. Confirm time and date with the ceremony and wedding reception sites.

Make sure that all male attendants and fathers have been fitted for their tuxedos.

If you decide to have children participate in your ceremony, schedule for their fittings (since children can have sudden spurts of growth, you don't want them to get fitted too soon before the big day).

Have an initial consultation with your hairstylist and/or makeup specialist. You should bring your headpiece or veil with you to the salon, so you can begin working on appropriate hairstyles. Make an appointment to schedule weekly facials during the last month before your big day. This will insure being a glowing Bride.

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You're The Best Thing Lyrics

"You're The Best Thing" by Style Council

I could be discontent and chase the rainbows end
I might win much more but lose all that is mine
I could be a lot but I know I'm not
I'm content just with the riches that you bring
I might shoot to win and commit the sin
Of wanting more than I've already got
I could runaway but I'd rather stay
In the warmth of your smile lighting up my day
(the one that makes me say, heh)

'Cause you're the best thing that ever happened to me or my world
You're the best thing that ever happened - so don't go away

I might be a king and steal my peoples things
But I don't go for that power crazy way
All that I could rule but I don't check for fools
All that I need is to be left to live my way
(say listen what I say)

I could chase around for nothing to be found
But why look for something that is never there
I may get it wrong sometimes but I'll come back in style
For I realise your love means more than anything
(the song you make me sing - yeah)

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