May 3, 2008

Bridal Party Formations During Ceremony

There are many different options available to the Modern Couple when planning their attendant formations during the Wedding Ceremony. Legally speaking you are simply required to have two persons vouch for you as witnesses to the ceremony and sign the marriage certificate, any other additions are yours to make.

Problems can arise when the Bride or Groom have more attendants than the other. This presents its biggest dilemma during the processional and recessional of the Ceremony. If an odd number of Bridesmaids are included you can have them walk out two to a man and one to man in order. Having them enter in single file will solve the processional problem.

In the case of a man standing for the Bride or gal standing for the Groom, you can have the bridesmaids walk as female pairs and the men alone. If a widely unequal number of Attendants exist and there is an opposite sex attendant, it is probably better to even things out to include that person on the other side. A man standing with the Bride, should be given to the Groomsmen, or vice versa.

Most Religions have set rules that address processionals. If you wish to change the tradition you should talk to the Church or Temple's wedding coordinator first and ask. Most will let you break from tradition.

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