Apr 19, 2008

Destination Wedding Planning

Destination Weddings bring your closest companions together for a romantic, exotic, and memorable experience as you say your vows away from home. Destination Weddings take a different kind of planning than other Weddings, but they can be well worth it. Some things to consider while planning:

Hire a Wedding Coordinator. A Wedding Coordinator can oversee the details you can't manage from home. Do some research, and either find a Coordinator at your destination, or one from nearby who has experience planning destination Weddings. Make sure you ask for references, and ask what kind of contacts they have in your destination area. Make sure you trust them, and that they keep you constantly updated so that you can make sure the Wedding is going to turn out they way you want it to.

Email and Fax are your friends. Especially if you're using a Wedding Coordinator at your destination, you want to be able to communicate explicitly. Ask for digital pictures of the site of your Wedding, what the site looks like at the time of day you are planning your Wedding, what it looks like with tables and chairs, or pictures of a ceremony taking place in the style you plan to use (i.e. everyone standing on the beach.) Get pictures of cakes made by local bakers. Send your plans to your coordinator. If they will be decorating, give them samples of your invitations, pictures of your dress, anything that will help them maintain the theme of your Wedding. Check the work of local photographers if you are planning to use one.

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Find out what the legal requirements for Marriage are. Check with local authorities to find out what the legal requirements for Marriage are. Check also with your local authorities. Make sure you know what documents to bring with you. Also find out if a Marriage performed at your destination will be legally binding at home.

Plan your Guest List. For practical reasons, the guest list for a Destination Wedding is usually smaller than a traditional Wedding. This intimate feel is part of the allure of a Destination Wedding. When planning, consider what is going on in the lives of your guests. If you have siblings in college, they may not be able to afford the time or money for an extended trip to an exotic locale. Similarly, friends with children may not be able to escape for your Wedding. Keep these things in mind in your planning. But do invite those you really want with you. Even if they can't attend, they'll appreciate how special the invitation is.

Hotel options. With local Weddings it is customary to arrange some hotel rooms at a discounted rate for out of town guests. This is definitely applicable to Destination Weddings as well. You are not responsible for reserving or paying for the hotel rooms, but arranging for them to be available to your guests is a good idea. An exception to this is your bridal party, whose lodging you should cover.

Get a group airfare rate. Try to get a discounted group rate for airfare. This is another thing that guests will have to pay for themselves (unless you are able to and willing to cover the expense).

Send out the details. For a couple planning a Destination Wedding especially, a Wedding Website is a great idea. You are also going to want to send your guests hard copies of the details of the Wedding. You could have a separate sheet of information- informing them about hotel and airlines that you suggest- printed and included with the invitations. Either here or by word of mouth, let guests know what the formality of the affair will be.

Have a party to celebrate your Marriage at home. Host a party when you get home so that everyone can join you in celebrating, even if they couldn't come to your Wedding. This is a great way to include all your loved ones. This can be much more informal than a Wedding Reception.

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Traditional Christian Wedding Ceremony

The following are the main parts of the Traditional Christian Wedding Ceremony.

Introduction, Opening or Invocation- After the processional and the Bride's Entrance, the Officiant welcomes the guests and announces the purpose of the gathering. S/He usually ask for the congregation to participate with their thoughts and possibly a prayer.

Body of the Ceremony- This is the preachy part of the Ceremony. The Officiant will speak on the meanings of Marriage and why it is so wonderful that the Bride and Groom have decided to enter into it. This is when your Wedding Readings are read by whomever the Bride and Groom wish to speak them.
Included in the Body is the Interrogation and Presentation.

Interrogation- This is the moment when the Officiant asks the Bride and Groom if they come of their own free will.

Presentation- When the Bride or Bride and Groom are presented for marriage by the parent or parents.

Introduction to the Vows
- The Officiant will ruminate of the significance of the Vows the Bride and Groom will exchange.

Vows- The Bride And Groom separately affirm their commitment to one another. This can be done in response to the Officiant or as pre-written speeches approved by the Officiant.

Exchange of Rings- Typically the Bridal Couple will repeat statement at the Officiant's direction. These statements will declare their love and fidelity to one another and then they place the Wedding Ring on the Betrothed.

Closing- The Officiant will announce the Couple is Officially Wed. This can include a final prayer or Benediction. This is the part when the Officiant will declare that the Groom "May Kiss the Bride".

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Selecting Your Wedding Ceremony Location

Modern Wedding Ceremonies take place in many different locales. The following are a few things to consider when deciding on you Wedding Ceremony Location.

Consider Your Guest List- Are you willing to not invite guest due to space limitations or would you prefer to only look at venues which can accommodate your entire wedding guest list.

Wedding Styles- What are you looking for in a wedding venue. Are you interested in Modern, Traditional, Formal, Informal, Indoor or Outdoor. Choosing your Wedding style will help dictate the types of locations you will view.

Wedding Budget- As in all things pertaining to your Wedding the overall wedding budget will certainly give you a range of selections. Can you afford more than simple, or are you willing to cut other items so the location is perfect.

Once you have answers to those questions you are ready to start looking a Ceremony Sites.
First check out some of the locations online- this won't allow you to make final decisions but it can help you narrow your choices, based on size and locations.

Book appointments and attend viewings- See the sites in person and preferably while a Wedding Ceremony is setup so you can get the full effect of the site.

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Wedding Vendor Listings

Modern Wedding Advice is constantly looking for Quality Wedding Vendors to recommend to our Readers. We are currently Offering Free Reviews of Any Wedding Vendors Website. We will Feature Articles on Wedding Vendors that meet the needs of our readers.

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For consideration and more information please send an email to ChristmasWedding2008@gmail.com.

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We look forward to helping each other out.
Sample reviews

Using Letterpress for Invitations

Alaina Cherup a Truly Great Find

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Apr 18, 2008

Unity Candles

The Unity Candle is a symbol of two people becoming one after being married. You have two candles on the altar, Groom's parents, light one and the brides parents light one, then both groom and bride light the unity candle together symbolizing Unity.

Unity candles are just regular candles put on the alter at a church (or where ever you are getting married). They are lit separately and then a candle in the middle is lit together to symbolize the two families joining or the two people joining to make one family.

As an alternative to the unity candle. You could do a sand ceremony which pretty much means the same thing as a unity candle, only instead of the bride and groom taking each candle and lighting the center candle together, one holds a vase full of one color of sand, and the other person holds a vase full of a different color of sand, then they pour the sand into a center vase that is engraved with their names on it. It's a very cute thing at weddings.

You also use water or other symbols. It is a symbolism idea so it is up to you what you use.

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Buying an Engagement Ring

There are many items to consider when preparing to purchase an engagement ring. Some pertain to quality of diamond others have to do with the gal your buying the ring for. Here is a quick overview to give you some ideas on purchasing an Engagement Ring.

Consider Your Girl- This item is the most overlooked part of the process. When buying any other gift you would simply say to yourself- "What would she like?" For some reason when a man starts looking at engagement rings he starts asking everyone else's opinion and rarely focuses on the recipient. If you aren't sure (absolutely sure) propose first and have her pick out the ring second. The plan is for her to wear this ring for the rest of her life, so it is important she likes it.

Understanding the Five C's- This is a complicated concept. Color, Clarity, Cut, Caret and Cost. You should read this article on the five C's to buying a diamond before you head out to the store.

Keep it a Surprise- Now if it is your intention to surprise your gal with an marriage proposal make sure you keep it a secret. This is complicated if you are asking for a blessing first. Make sure anyone you tell (and the list should be real short) doesn't know any of the details. This is important if you ask one of her friends to help you buy the ring. Don't choose the best friend, choose the best friend who is least likely to spill the beans.

Unique Wedding Favors

Consider Other Precious Stones- There are a multitude of great precious gems to choose from. If your girl doesn't normally go with trends, consider buying an engagement ring without a diamond centerpiece. Turquoise is a spectacular stone.

Multi vs Solitaire- One big diamond on a simple yellow gold band historically is the tell-tale sign of an engagement. Nowadays it is more common for Fiancees to be sporting three stones or more. As always consider your girl, is traditional more to her liking or is she always going with the latest trend.

Three Months Salary?- this is a common misconception that the Jewelry Industry has forced upon many unsuspecting potential grooms. They love the idea of you spending thousands on an engagement ring. Spend only what you feel comfortable with. Kohl's has an incredible line of Diamond rings all under $1000 and most people would never know the difference.

Marriage is the Important Part- Remember you aren't buying this ring to show that you make lots of money. You aren't trying to impress. If you are, then your motivation for engagement is starting in the wrong place. You are the prize she is getting. You are who she is saying yes to, not the ring. The ring is a symbol of your love, but it is only a symbol. The important part is the life and love you will share.

Now that you have a better idea on Engagement Rings you should read Ideas on Marriage Proposals to prepare yourself for this exciting adventure you are embarking on.


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India Weddings

If you are in the process of planning a Wedding in the fabulous country of India or you just want to pay homage to your heritage you will need to spend some time on weddings.iloveindia.com. This great website with a focus solely on Indian culture is a must read for all Indian Wedding Planning.

The following is an exert from the site and will give you a good idea of the tone of this remarkable site for Indian Wedding Planning.

Indian weddings are sacred religious ties between the families of the bride and the bridegroom. They are elaborate, expensive and emotional events, which are eagerly awaited, by all the young girls and boys when they are treated like kings and queens of the day. Though, different communities have different rituals throughout India, the basic turnout of the marriage event remains the same.

Most of the Hindu weddings are announced on the auspicious times as predicted by the Hindu Vedic astrologers. The traditional weddings used to be more than a week long though people cut short the events these days. There is an event for almost everything. Adorning the bride with turmeric to cleanse her skin is celebrated as a ceremony for ladies known as 'Haldi', while painting her hands and feet beautifully and intricately with henna paste is celebrated as 'Mehandi'.

There are ceremonies to celebrate the occasion when the families visit each other before the wedding and send costly gifts to each other along with sweets, fruits and dry fruits. These pre-wedding ceremonies are followed by the Big day, when the nuptial knots of the bride and the bridegroom are tied. There is an elaborate wedding feast for all the family and friends that are invited. After the main day function is over there are various pre wedding rituals to be done.

So whether you are looking for the Indian Venues or simply need to find a Wedding Sari you must try weddings.IloveIndia.com.

Apr 17, 2008

Modern Wedding Venues

Hotels, country clubs, and function halls are common places to host a Wedding. But if you're looking for something different, there are plenty of other options.

At the Beach or Lake. If you're getting married in a warm season, an outdoor Wedding can be beautiful, and memorable for everybody. Just be sure to have tents or a backup plan in case of inclement weather.

At a Museum. Many museums host functions. If there is a museum you love or think is particularly beautiful, ask if they are available for a Wedding.

At a Bed & Breakfast. B&B's are usually decorated tastefully, with a charming atmosphere. If you're having a small Wedding, or a destination Wedding, this can be a wonderful option. It also offers a place for you or your guests to stay overnight. The owners can give out of town guests suggestions of things to see and do in the area.

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At an Arboretum.
An arboretum provides a beautiful setting for a Wedding, surrounded by gifts of nature.

At a Ski Resort. If you are into winter sports and would like the rustic feel of a ski lodge and the natural beauty of a mountain backdrop, a ski resort would be a great location for your Wedding. As a bonus, lodging is readily available for out of town guests.

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Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies

You've fallen in love and are ready to get married. The only issue is, how to celebrate honoring your different religious beliefs. There are a few ways to address this issue, if neither partner is considering converting to the other's faith.

Have two ceremonies. If you both are religious, and your clergy is okay with performing a marriage of one member and one non-member of your faith, have two ceremonies. You can do one one day and the other the next. Or, you could have one in the morning, with family, then the other in the afternoon, with all of your guests.

Have an interfaith ceremony. See if clergy from each of your faiths is willing to participate in an interfaith marriage ceremony. Choose a location, and have each clergy person perform the rites particular to each of your faiths.

Have a non-denominational ceremony. If you'd like a spiritual Wedding ceremony, but you don't necessarily have to have it in the religion you were raised (or not raised) with, have a non-denominational minister marry you. Check with your local Unitarian Universalist congregation, or see what other community you'd like to be involved with.

Pick one faith. If your religion is an important aspect of one spouse's life, and the other doesn't hold fast to one belief, get married in the church of the spouse with the strong religious ties.

Have a civil service. This is a neutral solution. You can incorporate religious or ethnic customs that are meaningful to you into the service. You could use readings from a religious text, or pick readings on love, life, or marriage that you feel would be meaningful as you start your life as a married couple.

Be sure to talk with your officiant well in advance of your Wedding. Be honest. Talk with each other about how your interfaith Marriage is going to play out throughout the years. If you have children, how will you raise them? There aren't wrong answers to these questions, but it is important that you value and respect each other's feelings and beliefs.

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Wedding Day Disposable Cameras

There are going to be many, many memorable moments at your Wedding. One way to capture some of the moments that you might miss out on, and your photographer can't be there for all of them, is to place disposable cameras on each of the tables at the reception.

There are cameras made specifically for Weddings. They come in pretty designs, with flowers, hearts, rings, bells, the words Wedding Day, or customized with your names. You can find them for $4 per camera most places.

If you designate someone to collect all the cameras at the end of the reception and have the pictures developed while you're on your honeymoon, you'll have lots of great pictures to enjoy looking through when you get home. You can pick your favorites and put them into an album. You'll be able to see your loved ones having a great time celebrating this most important day of your lives.

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Wedding Day Beauty

A bride will look beautiful on her Wedding Day no matter what- that kind of happiness means a radiant beauty no one can miss. But keeping in mind what a special occasion it is, and how many eyes and cameras will be on her, many brides take steps to augment their beauty. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Don't go crazy with your hair right before the Wedding. Don't cut or dye your hair the week of the Wedding. This is the wrong time to chance something going wrong. Let the dye set in your hair for at least a week, and if need be, you can fix it in that time. If you cut your hair several weeks before the Wedding it will be healthy, and in case you get results you didn't expect, you have time to think of an alternative hairdo without freaking out too much.

Go for hair style trial runs. You can test stylists out by getting your hair done for a special occasion well before the Wedding. Once you do decide on a stylist, have a Wedding Day trial run 4-6 weeks before the Wedding. Bring your veil and headpiece, and any hair pins or the type of flower you might wish to work into your hairstyle. Take plenty of pictures. See how the style holds up during the day. If you go this close to the Wedding Day the style will still be fresh in the stylist's mind.

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Don't go crazy with your skincare regime right before the Wedding.
Especially when you're stressed, your body can do weird things. You don't want to test a new product and end up breaking out right before the Wedding. Use the same routine you always do, and slowly introduce anything new well before the Wedding. Don't have any waxing done right before the Wedding. Skin can get puffy or red, and just look a little off in photographs. Be judicious with tweezers, too. Especially if you don't normally tweeze your eyebrows, it might be a good time to have a professional do them for you.

Go for makeup trial runs. Find a makeup artist who specializes in special events. Make sure you're happy with the way they do your makeup, and that it holds up throughout the day with minimal reapplication. Keep in mind that you want everyone to recognize you. Let the makeup highlight your natural beauty, not become a mask. Light coverage is what you should be going for, and colors that work with your natural coloring.

Have fun getting dolled up, and remember that with or without special effort on your Wedding Day, you will be absolutely beautiful.


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Apr 16, 2008

Alaina Cherup a Truly Great Find

Doing some research on Wedding Invitations has led me to a great find. Alaina Cherup Wedding/Greeting Design. This fully handmade invitation site offers flexibility and price. It is truly a great place to consider for all you Invitation needs.

Alaina doesn't just do Invitations either. She can handle Menus, Gift Tags, Thank You Notes, Save-the-Dates, Bridal Shower Invitations and much more. You can select a pre-made design or have her design something that is Modern and Uniquely you.

We love the crisp, fresh appeal of these trendy cards and invitations. It doesn't matter if your wedding is traditional or non-traditional, funky or classic, Alaina will work with you to customise your stationery to suit your needs.

Her moderate pricing structure will fit into most budgets and being hand-made she can handle orders both large and small. I highly recommend checking her out today. You can find her designs on her website, Alaina Cherup Design or over at her Etsy shop, CheerupCherup.

Outdoor Wedding Woes

For most Couples the ideal location to say your "I do's" is an vastly important part of your Wedding. So how do you plan an Outdoor Wedding, without losing your mind considering the weather?

Here are some simple items to consider, so that your tears don't out-do the rain showers, if it happens to rain.

Tents are a Brides Best Friend- If an outdoor garden wedding is the thing for you, make sure you spend that extra money to have a tent to cover the area. This can be costly and you might even think that it will ruin the ambiance but so will drenched guests. It is possible to have it on stand-by and not set-up if rain is nowhere in the forecast, but months ahead of the big day it is impossible to tell what the weather will be and this item should be in your budget.

Indoor-Outdoor Venues- It is commonplace these days for Wedding Venues to have both indoor and outdoor areas for your Wedding. Consider one of these for your event. The best case, you get your wedding how you want it. The worst case, you guest stay dry for the event and you get to get married in a lovely place. Make sure you have it included in the contract that no fees, or exactly how much it will be to transfer the Wedding inside, if need arises.

Rain won't Bother you- It is even possible that you are not worried about rain. You are perfectly willing to be married in a downpour at the beach. Consider a couple things. Include in your invite, Rain or Shine. Think of your guests, will they appreciate the uniqueness of a rain wedding? Consider the temperature, Rain or Shine can work in July or August, but in April, September or October you could end up with the flu for your honeymoon and your guest could be worse.

So many options exist out there and to find the perfect one is important. Just remember to consider the guests and family, not just your dreams.

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bachelorette party planning advice at Bachelorette

Are We Ready For Marriage

Well, this is one of the most asked questions surrounding relationships. The simple fact that you are unsure is a tell-tale sign, but not necessarily of what you think. It is a question that deserves your utmost attention and deep thought, but in the end it is your feelings that count most.

Things to ask yourself

Are we in love, or are we in love with being in love? This is sometimes easily answered and sometimes not. It is a hard question to truly know the answer to. I suggest thinking back to before you were with your special someone- Where you happy alone? Were you searching constantly for a date? Could you spend the evening alone without being upset? If you think you were okay alone, then you are probably truly in love and should move on to the next question. If not, look harder at why you two are together.

Are you two Compatible? Compatibility is an important question when considering marriage. Marriage isn't just a fun time, it can be trying too. Are your strengths set up to help each other through hard times or do they contrast? Are you able to balance a check book and pay your bills, or can they? Are you ready to pay the rent or mortgage and start feeding the kids? Do you both want kids, or both prefer not having them? These are key issues that could break two people apart and should be discussed prior to any wedding announcements.

What are your Career Choices? If he is an out of worker painter, and she is a tax lawyer? Is he a doctor and she a student? Do you mind footing the bills while they seek their dreams? Is there a time frame? If a marriage truly has a chance for success their will need to be compromises, but you also should be okay with the career choice of your partner.

Family-Friendly? Do you get along with his mother, or he yours? Can you hold a conversation with her father? Family isn't the only worry, but it should be considered. If you like your family, and they don't, it can cause a great deal of grief and should be addressed. Also consider how the other views their own family. Is there a good reason for bad feelings?

These aren't the only questions you should ask prior to marriage but they are some of the more important points to go over with each other.

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More Wedding Cost Cutting

Weddings can very expensive. Here are some ideas on ways to save money while planning your Wedding and working within your budget. The atmosphere of the day is going to be driven by how happy the bridal couple is, not by the little details that people will forget right away.

Print your own invitations. Office supply stores sell Wedding Invitation kits.

Print your own Wedding Programs. These can be simple enough to design on your computer and still look very nice.

Have Bridesmaids carry single flowers, or a small bouquet of a single type of flower, instead of a more involved bouquet.
Use silk flowers for centerpieces. Or try a non-floral centerpiece.

Buy ribbon at a craft store and make your own bows or pew decorations for the Church.

Consider having your Wedding at a time when your Church will be decorated already, such as Christmas or Easter seasons.

Time of year. You can get many great discounts by having your Wedding during the off season, typically December-April.

Time of day. An evening Wedding will cost more than an afternoon one. And an even more affordable option is to have a brunch Wedding Reception.

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Day of the week. Friday and Saturday nights are the most expensive times to hold a Wedding. Sundays are cheaper, and Thursday nights are becoming a very popular and inexpensive choice.

Don't offer a split menu at the reception. If you serve only one type of entree it will cost less than offering a choice. You can still have variety by serving a combination meal of chicken and beef, or fish, etc.

Have a limited bar. Alcohol gets expensive quickly. You don't need to have an open bar all night for your Wedding to be fun for you and your guests.

Work out payment plans with vendors. If you find a site or a vendor you'd really like to use, and you'll be able to afford them by the time the Wedding happens, but just can't come up with the up front costs, ask if you can work out a payment plan. If it means securing your business, they might be willing to be flexible.

Cut out the "And Guest" on the guest list. It's lovely for everyone to be able to sit with and dance with a special someone at a Wedding. But sometimes in order to be able to have everyone you really love around you, you can't afford to have everyone they love there, too. If someone is in an uncommitted relationship or single, extend the invitation to that person alone.

Hire an up and coming photographer. If you hire a student, or a professional who hasn't been in the business very long, you can get great photographs, but with a lower price while the photographer is establishing their career.

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Use your own video camera instead of a videographer. It is cheaper to buy a video camera than to hire most Wedding videographers. If you already own a camera, or have a friend who does, this is one area where you can still have a really nice souvenir of your Wedding Day without paying the huge price tag.

Use free Wedding Planning Tools. They'll help you stay on track and decide which items you want to put high priority on, and which you don't care as much about. Look through the Modern Wedding Advice archives for lots of ideas.

Borrow if you need to. If you're short by just a little, consider borrowing money. This feels tacky to say, but it is true and also practical- you'll probably be getting some cash gifts for your Wedding. So if you know you'll be able to repay a small amount very soon, borrow money. Don't build huge credit card debt- it's an unwise way to start your marriage. But if you pay it off immediately it's a way to get through the last minute expenses.

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Apr 15, 2008

Bridesmaid Dresses Don't Have Be Identical

Whether you have one bridesmaid or six, you want them to be happy and comfortable and look good, too. There was a time when a bride picked out a dress she loved and all her bridesmaids had to wear exact copies of it. Bridesmaids dresses are notorious because of the bizarre choices some brides make. One of mine asked me with a desperate and fearful look in her eyes "Not that one, please??" as she pointed to a dress in the store. And I reassured her that I love her too much to do that to her. Based on history, she did have good reason to worry. Occasionally being a bride can do strange things to even the most sensible woman.

So while you're planning the details of your Wedding Day, if you'd like to take your maids' personal styles and comfort levels into account, there are definitely ways to be flexible. The bridesmaid's dress is usually a significant investment for each girl, and rarely is it something she can wear again.

To keep her feeling great and looking beautiful on the big day, think about your bridesmaid as an individual. You might love the look of a strapless dress you saw somewhere, but if she's going to be self-conscious all day and hating how she looks, it might not be the best choice.

Designer Wedding Dresses ship FREE - 0% sales tax!

Especially with a bigger bridal party, there's likely to be some variety in the body shapes of your bridesmaids. To help them each find something flattering, you could pick a color and a designer, but let each girl pick her own dress. You could stipulate that it be floor length, or that it not be strapless, if you have a strong preference, but let them find what fits them best.

Another great option is to use separates. Alfred Angelo has an extensive line of them. Again, you pick the color, and then either your bridesmaid picks the specific pieces, or you go with them and pick out designs together. If everyone wheres the same skirt it helps the look stay very unified, while allowing them to each where a top they feel comfortable in.

And of course, if you really do want your bridesmaids to look like a bunch of grapes walking down the aisle ahead of you, or frilly cupcakes, or some avant gard artwork, that's certainly you're prerogative, and if they don't mind, have a blast with it.


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Budget Cost-Cutting

The following articles all deal with cutting the cost of your Wedding. These are some unique suggestions to maintain your uniqueness while having a wedding you can afford.

It is much easier to save money on Wedding Favors than other items.

Consider a Cocktail Wedding Reception.

Here are some ideas of Ways to Cut the Costs.

Champagne and Cake receptions might just be for you.

Cut some costs from the Videography with these alternatives.

Can you plan a Wedding under $1000?

There are many Wedding Cost-Cutting Ideas.

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