Apr 19, 2008

Traditional Christian Wedding Ceremony

The following are the main parts of the Traditional Christian Wedding Ceremony.

Introduction, Opening or Invocation- After the processional and the Bride's Entrance, the Officiant welcomes the guests and announces the purpose of the gathering. S/He usually ask for the congregation to participate with their thoughts and possibly a prayer.

Body of the Ceremony- This is the preachy part of the Ceremony. The Officiant will speak on the meanings of Marriage and why it is so wonderful that the Bride and Groom have decided to enter into it. This is when your Wedding Readings are read by whomever the Bride and Groom wish to speak them.
Included in the Body is the Interrogation and Presentation.

Interrogation- This is the moment when the Officiant asks the Bride and Groom if they come of their own free will.

Presentation- When the Bride or Bride and Groom are presented for marriage by the parent or parents.

Introduction to the Vows
- The Officiant will ruminate of the significance of the Vows the Bride and Groom will exchange.

Vows- The Bride And Groom separately affirm their commitment to one another. This can be done in response to the Officiant or as pre-written speeches approved by the Officiant.

Exchange of Rings- Typically the Bridal Couple will repeat statement at the Officiant's direction. These statements will declare their love and fidelity to one another and then they place the Wedding Ring on the Betrothed.

Closing- The Officiant will announce the Couple is Officially Wed. This can include a final prayer or Benediction. This is the part when the Officiant will declare that the Groom "May Kiss the Bride".

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