Apr 19, 2008

Selecting Your Wedding Ceremony Location

Modern Wedding Ceremonies take place in many different locales. The following are a few things to consider when deciding on you Wedding Ceremony Location.

Consider Your Guest List- Are you willing to not invite guest due to space limitations or would you prefer to only look at venues which can accommodate your entire wedding guest list.

Wedding Styles- What are you looking for in a wedding venue. Are you interested in Modern, Traditional, Formal, Informal, Indoor or Outdoor. Choosing your Wedding style will help dictate the types of locations you will view.

Wedding Budget- As in all things pertaining to your Wedding the overall wedding budget will certainly give you a range of selections. Can you afford more than simple, or are you willing to cut other items so the location is perfect.

Once you have answers to those questions you are ready to start looking a Ceremony Sites.
First check out some of the locations online- this won't allow you to make final decisions but it can help you narrow your choices, based on size and locations.

Book appointments and attend viewings- See the sites in person and preferably while a Wedding Ceremony is setup so you can get the full effect of the site.

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