Apr 21, 2008

Champagne and Cake Receptions

Wedding Receptions have traditionally been where Bride and Groom spend the most of their Wedding Budget. Usually in the realm of 55% of the total wedding cost will end up in the Wedding Reception. A traditional Champagne and Cake Reception can help you defray the total cost of your Wedding without losing any of the elegance that you expect on your wedding day.

Typical Champagne and Cake Receptions are cleverly timed to ensure guests to don't arrive or leave your Wedding hungry. A late afternoon Ceremony immediately followed by the reception will help guarantee your guest have had lunch and are out in time for dinner.

Some of the Wedding Day pageantry is sacrificed in the budget saving reception. You are still able to have your wedding dances and cake cutting event. A receiving line is possible and look on as a main event in a Champagne and Cake Reception. And don't forget the classic bouquet toss, which will also give a great moment for a honeymoon getaway.

Typical menu of a Champagne and Cake Reception is a little more involved. The main attractions is the Cake, but you can also include fresh fruits and assorted pastries. Beverages are limited typically to Champagne for toasting, soft drinks, sparkling waters, coffee and tea.

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The best part is typically, depending on the selection of cake and name of the champagne, you can have a Champagne and Cake Reception for between $5 and $20 per guest. This is drastically lower than the avg. $80 to $120 per guest at a dinner reception.

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