Apr 16, 2008

More Wedding Cost Cutting

Weddings can very expensive. Here are some ideas on ways to save money while planning your Wedding and working within your budget. The atmosphere of the day is going to be driven by how happy the bridal couple is, not by the little details that people will forget right away.

Print your own invitations. Office supply stores sell Wedding Invitation kits.

Print your own Wedding Programs. These can be simple enough to design on your computer and still look very nice.

Have Bridesmaids carry single flowers, or a small bouquet of a single type of flower, instead of a more involved bouquet.
Use silk flowers for centerpieces. Or try a non-floral centerpiece.

Buy ribbon at a craft store and make your own bows or pew decorations for the Church.

Consider having your Wedding at a time when your Church will be decorated already, such as Christmas or Easter seasons.

Time of year. You can get many great discounts by having your Wedding during the off season, typically December-April.

Time of day. An evening Wedding will cost more than an afternoon one. And an even more affordable option is to have a brunch Wedding Reception.

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Day of the week. Friday and Saturday nights are the most expensive times to hold a Wedding. Sundays are cheaper, and Thursday nights are becoming a very popular and inexpensive choice.

Don't offer a split menu at the reception. If you serve only one type of entree it will cost less than offering a choice. You can still have variety by serving a combination meal of chicken and beef, or fish, etc.

Have a limited bar. Alcohol gets expensive quickly. You don't need to have an open bar all night for your Wedding to be fun for you and your guests.

Work out payment plans with vendors. If you find a site or a vendor you'd really like to use, and you'll be able to afford them by the time the Wedding happens, but just can't come up with the up front costs, ask if you can work out a payment plan. If it means securing your business, they might be willing to be flexible.

Cut out the "And Guest" on the guest list. It's lovely for everyone to be able to sit with and dance with a special someone at a Wedding. But sometimes in order to be able to have everyone you really love around you, you can't afford to have everyone they love there, too. If someone is in an uncommitted relationship or single, extend the invitation to that person alone.

Hire an up and coming photographer. If you hire a student, or a professional who hasn't been in the business very long, you can get great photographs, but with a lower price while the photographer is establishing their career.

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Use your own video camera instead of a videographer. It is cheaper to buy a video camera than to hire most Wedding videographers. If you already own a camera, or have a friend who does, this is one area where you can still have a really nice souvenir of your Wedding Day without paying the huge price tag.

Use free Wedding Planning Tools. They'll help you stay on track and decide which items you want to put high priority on, and which you don't care as much about. Look through the Modern Wedding Advice archives for lots of ideas.

Borrow if you need to. If you're short by just a little, consider borrowing money. This feels tacky to say, but it is true and also practical- you'll probably be getting some cash gifts for your Wedding. So if you know you'll be able to repay a small amount very soon, borrow money. Don't build huge credit card debt- it's an unwise way to start your marriage. But if you pay it off immediately it's a way to get through the last minute expenses.

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