Feb 20, 2008

Christmas Wedding Theme

A Christmas Wedding can be a great way to combine these two most festive events; Matrimony and Christmas Spirit. In most cases this is also a cost-saving event, between the time of year and the decorations that will already adorn most venues. Included are some ideas to make your Christmas Wedding truly special.


Most venues and Churches will already have Reds and Greens decorating the space, it will be easy to fit these festive colors into your Wedding theme. You can also pick other colors; including White and Silver, Silver and light Blue, or Gold and Off-White or Cream. White and Gold can help to create a highly formal. elegant Decor.


If a Christmas Tree isn't already part of the decor at your reception consider adding one of your own. Muffs can be used instead of Bridesmaids Bouquets. Centerpieces can be made of ornaments or find some Poinsettias, which are very popular around Christmas. You can decorate your Tree to fit the color theme. So if Gold and White are your colors, affix some white lights to your tree. And instead of a gift Table how about guest placing gifts under the tree and if they have cards they can place them in matching Stockings.

Wedding Invitations

The normal six to eight week suggestion for Wedding Invitations to be sent out might be cutting it close during the Christmas season when most guest will be attending a plethora of Christmas gatherings. Instead plan on sending them out one month earlier to assure you of your guests attendance to your most special celebration.You might be tempted to make your invitation like a Holiday Card, but if you do Guests might get confused and just put them aside...Make your Invitations stand out.

Wedding Favors

You can find mini-candles with an engraving of your names and date of your Wedding. You can have someone or order Individualized Christmas ornaments. Possibly the ornaments that fill the centerpiece can become your favors.

Many considerations go into planning your Christmas Wedding, make sure you start planning early for a Christmas Wedding. If you start a year in advance you can take advantage of After Christmas Sales that might help with Decorations and possibly Favors. With a little Organization you Christmas Wedding will be the party of this very festive season.


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