Feb 20, 2008

Traditional Irish Wedding

While planning for a Christmas Wedding I have found some great information on other Wedding Themes. I found the original steps for this article on Ehow.com's article entitled How to Plan an Irish Wedding.

Traditional Irish Wedding:

Things You’ll Need:

Select a date for the wedding. The last day of the year is considered an especially lucky time for an Irish marriage.

Choose claddagh rings for your wedding bands. These traditional Irish rings, when worn on the ring finger of the left hand with the heart facing in, tell the world your heart is taken forever.

Hire a piper to play at your ceremony. Contact your local St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee for help in finding one.

Ask a child to present a satin horseshoe to the bride at the conclusion of the ceremony. This represents good luck. Insert the horseshoe open end up (so the luck won't run out) into the bridal bouquet.

Honor the person who introduced you to each other with a special toast at the wedding. This tradition stems from the days when a matchmaker had that role.

Serve a traditional Irish wedding cake, which is a fruit cake filled with almonds, raisins, cherries and spice, and laced with brandy or bourbon. You can order this or make it yourself.

Sign up for ceilidh (dance) lessons for the bride and bridal party prior to the wedding to learn some Irish dances to perform at the ceremony.

Hire a band that can play popular Irish songs, such as "The Irish Wedding Song", "Oh Danny Boy", "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" and "My Favorite Irish Rose".

Include a song or dance that reflects your family's specific heritage.

Tie harvest knots out of straw and decorate them with small flowers or bells to give to guests as favors. Attach a scroll explaining the significance, which is that young Irish men traditionally gave these to their girls to show their devotion.

Suggest your florist weave tiny harvest knots into your bouquet.

*Remember Sunny Days are the luckiest to be married on...So hope and Pray for Sun. If it happens to Rain on Your Parade, don't fuss, this is meant more for fun than for luck.

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