Feb 19, 2008

Wedding Favors and Bridal Gifts

I don't really understand the insistence that every person in your Bridal Party should be given the same Bridal Party Gift.
I have five Groomsmen and the only thing they have in common is being my friend. I am going to shop for them equally but individually. I think the rule of thumb to use is to buy the gift for the Person, and NOT the role. If you are lucky enough to have five friend who would enjoy the same gift than buy it. But if like me your friends are from different generations or have different interests make a decision to thank each of them uniquely.

There is also something to be said of doing something like this for the Wedding Favors, also. Practically speaking you aren't going to shop for individual favors, unless you have that kind of money and time, but think about this. Guys and Gals are different. Maybe something like Chocolates for the men and Candles for the ladies...even McDonald's has different gender toys in their Happy Meals.

Be creative and remember these people love you and you in turn love them...It is your day but you picked them to share it with you...Thank them in a way they will appreciate not in a way you would have liked. Be remembered for the caring people you are and not the Bridezilla or SUPERGroom you have become for the last few months.


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chrissy said...

Chocolates for the guys and candles for the gals sounds like a great idea. Dove allows you to customize boxes of chocolate with personalized messages on the wrappers thanking them each individually. Since you only have five groomsmen it should work out perfectly. Dove also allows you to pick the color of the foil you would like for them to be placed in. I work for Dove and I know that chocolate is not the only thing they have to offer. By logging on to http://www.mydovechocolate.com you have the chance to win a 21 thousand dollar diamond necklace. All you have to do is submit the most creative way to say "I love you", and the winner will receive a 5.58 ct diamond necklace. Doesn;t this sound like a great opportunity?

Anonymous said...

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