Mar 19, 2008

Bridal Party Gifts

It's standard that in addition to all the wonderful gifts you're receiving, you're going to be giving gifts to the people who are helping make your day special. Don't forget to work these into your budget. Here's a list of people not to forget, and also some suggestions for each. You know your attendants, and what they will like most. Getting them each the same gift can be great, but don't feel that you have to. Something that is a commonly suggested gift for a groomsman might actually work better for one of your bridesmaids, or vice versa. Remember, it's the thought that counts, so don't let this be a source of undue stress. Keep an open mind, and have fun picking out these gifts.

- A necklace and/or earrings they could wear during the ceremony, but also on future occasions. This could be the same for each bridesmaid, or you could individualize the gifts.
- A charm bracelet- this one is easy to personalize for each woman
- A nice jewelry box
- A fancy purse.
- A figurine of something that matches your friendship.
- A pampering gift certificate
- A monogrammed tote bag with some goodies in it

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- Monogrammed flasks seem to be quite common. I don't know anyone who has received one of these who has actually used it, though.
- Engraved golf gizmos
- Tickets to a sporting event or a concert.
- An engraved pocket watch or desk clock
- A pocketknife
- A desk caddy, or something else for the office
- A tool box or bag

Flower girl
- A "younger" version of the type of jewelry you give the bridesmaids
- A charm bracelet
- A locket
- A jewelry box
- Depending on the age, a teddy bear in fancy garb, or a gift certificate to a "Make your own teddy bear" place
- A framed picture of you and her on the big day
- A tote or duffel bag that says her name and Flower Girl
- A piggy bank
- A simple camera

Ring Bearer
- Sports-themed gifts- duffel bags, room decorations, t-shirts, sports equipment
- Depending on the age, a teddy bear in fancy garb, or a gift certificate to a "Make your own teddy bear" place
- A piggy bank
- A simple camera
- A toy you know he really wants
- A video game

- Heartfelt thank you letters the day of or before the wedding- a good idea whether or not you are giving them something else
- Photo frames
- Photo albums
- Watches
- A piece of artwork suitable to their taste
- A toiletry kit

Clergy person
- This isn't someone you tip directly, but think about making a contribution to their parish
- Also write them a nice thank you

- There are so many options for favors, this subject needs to be addressed all by itself!


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ashi said...

the gifts you have mentioned are beautiful...will surely try giving something similar to my friend who is getting married on 24th feb

Katie said...

This is a very informational and helpful wedding planning aid site. Though I am very savvy about wedding planning, I learned a few things from this article so it was quite helpful to me. My favorite gifts ideas were the pamper presents for the maids and the tickets to a concert or sporting event for the groomsmen. I like gifts that leave great memories with the gifter and giftee. Those are gifts that can be shared. Whether you are planning a wedding or not, if you want another great gift idea, go to and enter Dove’s “Expressions of Love” contest for a chance to win a beautiful 5.58 carat “Baby’s Breath Diamond Necklace” worth over 21K dollars. Simply describe your loved one in the most emotional and creative way to take home this lovely piece for your collection. The contest is free to enter and lasts until March 15th so you have time to compose your ode to love tribute. I work for the company so I have an inside track. Imagine how thrilled your partner will be when they learn that you took the time and effort to write about your love for them. It will be the gift that keeps on giving that they will always keep and cherish.

Jason said...

i like the engraved ideas. i found a glass beer boot (beer mug) on and got it engraved for my grooomsmen. they loved it! and of course they were able to use them right after the ceremony. and it was pretty inexpensive too.

get personal things for the main party and smaller things for everyone else (flower girls, etc.) you'll save a fortune and have memorable gifts.