Mar 19, 2008

Dress Shopping Dilemma

So far, I've had two very different types of dress-shopping experiences.

I'll start with the "Don't go this route" shop. It was the second shop I had visited; it was also the smallest and most expensive one I've been to. There was confusion when I got there as to who was helping me- another appointment at the same time had almost the same name as me. The first woman who was helping me asked what I was looking for, I said more simple than elaborate, and anything I said after that didn't matter. She "knew" what I wanted and thus only brought me one type of dress. This was the first time I'd tried on a dress and actually hated the way I looked. Another saleslady took over, and despite the first one insisting I wanted a plain dress, she did bring me a variety, and there was one I loved.

Another shop I went to was wonderful. Good prices, huge selection, friendly service, and a good reputation. Our saleslady had us look at all the dresses and pick a few, but for the most part she picked the next dress for me to try on based on how I felt about each dress I had already tried on. We placed cap sleeves onto a strapless dress to see how that would look. We tried different veils, different headpieces. None of the dresses looked exactly how I'd imagined they would based on what they looked like hanging up; most of them did look better on.

The first dress and veil I tried on, I cried. I didn't expect to, but they keep tissues in the dressing rooms for a reason I guess. So, the first dress you try on, you might love, but keep trying them on- you might love more of them, too. My favorite was the no pressure but still helpful saleswoman. She just kept bringing me dresses and helping me in and out of them, and if I hesitated after I looked in the mirror and said "Nope, not that one then." Good luck finding yours. This is such a big issue I'm sure I'll be writing more about this later, but here's a start.

I'm still searching for The dress, but I know it's out there.
Happy Shopping


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