Mar 20, 2008

Must-Have Wedding Pictures

Every moment of your Wedding day is special and you want to remember them all, but here are some moments you Must-Have pictures taken of. These are the simple moments in time where you will show your grandkids how special your Wedding day was.

The "Reveal"
Whether you are meeting up for photos before the service or you are not seeing each other until the Church, this is a classic picture you will regret not having. It is the moment when the Groom first sees the Bride in the Wedding Gown and the look on his face shows you why he wants to marry this gal.

Reception Tables: Pre-Party
A shot of the Table at the reception set up to the "T"s is an absolutely gorgeous picture. This will show people all the work you have put into deciding and choosing a color scheme, it will showcase the table Centerpieces and it will do so in an untouched, perfect state before your guests start messing it up.

The Group Shot
Whether walking back from the beach or exiting the church, you should try to get a picture of the entire Wedding Congregation. This is a spectacular shot showing off all the people whom love you.

Hanging Gown
Having a picture of the Wedding Gown prior to your appearance in it will be memorable. It is hanging in the Window with the new day shining on it. It is perfect and untouched. This picture will justify whatever you spent on it.

First Dance From a Distance
Now a close-up will typically be taken by a hundred people. You want to make sure you also get a picture from a distance with the lighting just right to show off the great couple dancing.

Entering the Reception (from your Point of View)
This is a great shot. It shows off the Newlyweds and also highlights the people who love you the most. It allows a happy shot to exemplify your family love.

There are a list of pictures to be taken during your photo time, too. All of these include the Newlyweds.

Bridal Couple
Bride's Family
Grooms Family
Bridal Party
Extended relatives
Bride and Grooms Parents
Children of the Couple

There are no rules and most photographers will know most of the groupings to get started. Remember that you want to make sure you know the pictures you are having taken prior to the Wedding day. And be wary of adding pictures, the last thing you want is to throw the rest of the day off schedule because dad wants pictures of all the third cousins.

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