Feb 21, 2008

Winter Wedding Ideas

I have spent so much time discussing Christmas Weddings I have totally forgotten about other wedding themes. Winter Weddings can be fabulous without having to have anything to do with Christmas.
Most Bridal magazines will focus on the summer month wedding ideas, so here is a few ideas for a Winter Wedding.

-Don't overlook silk, long sleeves and elegant Faux wraps for your Wedding Gown.

-Make sure you remember snow can be your friend but you are not guaranteed to have any...Make plans to not Count on having snow...Or plan to have fake snow!

-Sprigs of Holly, Evergreen trees, Occasionally Oak Leaves will go fabulously with the wedding colors of your choice.

-Try to avoid White and Cream table linens, if your reception site has lots of windows and instead try Deeper colors. If it snows the Windows will take care of the white and the deeper colors will add warmth.

-You can add a Velvet Cape to your Gown that will be strikingly beautiful and also keep you warm.

What ever you decide remember this, the best part of an off-season wedding is the discounts most of the big wedding venues will give you. For instance a Reception Site in Boston might cost you $30,000 to $40,000 in the Summer Wedding Months but during the winter will cost half that amount.


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