Mar 7, 2008

Non-Floral Centerpiece Ideas

Well, maybe your allergic, maybe you don't have the money. Or perhaps you just want to be a little different from other Couples. Well here is a great list of non-floral wedding centerpiece ideas. The best part of not using fresh flowers is you can have these centerpieces created months prior to your Wedding day and not have to be running around or depending on a vendor to show up promptly on your wedding day.

White Ostrich feathers (typically in Eiffel vases)
Medium gauge copper wire, curled and spiraled
Sandcastles (perfect for a beach wedding theme)
Glass ornaments or Candy in Glass Bowls (Works well during Christmas)
Silk Flowers (if simply allergic)
Votive candles on a mirrored platter
Live Goldfish in Goldfish Bowl(Good as long as the goldfish stay alive)
Colored Sand and Sea rocks in Goldfish Bowl
Paper Lantern (works well with asian theme)
Books (You know if this sounds good)
Clear Vases with Colored Water and possibly Sand
Snow Flakes and smooth rocks

And don't forget the unique concept of not having a centerpiece, nothing says you have to, but feel free to use our suggestions if you decide you want one.

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