Apr 16, 2008

Are We Ready For Marriage

Well, this is one of the most asked questions surrounding relationships. The simple fact that you are unsure is a tell-tale sign, but not necessarily of what you think. It is a question that deserves your utmost attention and deep thought, but in the end it is your feelings that count most.

Things to ask yourself

Are we in love, or are we in love with being in love? This is sometimes easily answered and sometimes not. It is a hard question to truly know the answer to. I suggest thinking back to before you were with your special someone- Where you happy alone? Were you searching constantly for a date? Could you spend the evening alone without being upset? If you think you were okay alone, then you are probably truly in love and should move on to the next question. If not, look harder at why you two are together.

Are you two Compatible? Compatibility is an important question when considering marriage. Marriage isn't just a fun time, it can be trying too. Are your strengths set up to help each other through hard times or do they contrast? Are you able to balance a check book and pay your bills, or can they? Are you ready to pay the rent or mortgage and start feeding the kids? Do you both want kids, or both prefer not having them? These are key issues that could break two people apart and should be discussed prior to any wedding announcements.

What are your Career Choices? If he is an out of worker painter, and she is a tax lawyer? Is he a doctor and she a student? Do you mind footing the bills while they seek their dreams? Is there a time frame? If a marriage truly has a chance for success their will need to be compromises, but you also should be okay with the career choice of your partner.

Family-Friendly? Do you get along with his mother, or he yours? Can you hold a conversation with her father? Family isn't the only worry, but it should be considered. If you like your family, and they don't, it can cause a great deal of grief and should be addressed. Also consider how the other views their own family. Is there a good reason for bad feelings?

These aren't the only questions you should ask prior to marriage but they are some of the more important points to go over with each other.

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