Apr 16, 2008

Outdoor Wedding Woes

For most Couples the ideal location to say your "I do's" is an vastly important part of your Wedding. So how do you plan an Outdoor Wedding, without losing your mind considering the weather?

Here are some simple items to consider, so that your tears don't out-do the rain showers, if it happens to rain.

Tents are a Brides Best Friend- If an outdoor garden wedding is the thing for you, make sure you spend that extra money to have a tent to cover the area. This can be costly and you might even think that it will ruin the ambiance but so will drenched guests. It is possible to have it on stand-by and not set-up if rain is nowhere in the forecast, but months ahead of the big day it is impossible to tell what the weather will be and this item should be in your budget.

Indoor-Outdoor Venues- It is commonplace these days for Wedding Venues to have both indoor and outdoor areas for your Wedding. Consider one of these for your event. The best case, you get your wedding how you want it. The worst case, you guest stay dry for the event and you get to get married in a lovely place. Make sure you have it included in the contract that no fees, or exactly how much it will be to transfer the Wedding inside, if need arises.

Rain won't Bother you- It is even possible that you are not worried about rain. You are perfectly willing to be married in a downpour at the beach. Consider a couple things. Include in your invite, Rain or Shine. Think of your guests, will they appreciate the uniqueness of a rain wedding? Consider the temperature, Rain or Shine can work in July or August, but in April, September or October you could end up with the flu for your honeymoon and your guest could be worse.

So many options exist out there and to find the perfect one is important. Just remember to consider the guests and family, not just your dreams.

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