Mar 13, 2008

First Step: Wedding Budget

One of the first steps you can take in planning your Wedding is to come up with a rough budget. It will guide you in all of the other decisions you have to make. See what you have, what you need to come up with, and what you'd like to come up with. You can always add to it later if the opportunity arises, but it really helps to have a general idea to start with.

Say you have $10,000 to spend. You'll know not to get your heart set on a reception site that costs $12,000. You can decide that your limit on a dress is $600. If you find one you love for $700, you can buy it and make adjustments elsewhere in the budget, but you'll have a good idea of what price range to look in. With your budget in mind you can get quotes from various vendors, and see which ones you can work with, and which ones are worth spending a little extra on.

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With a rough budget in mind, you can also start making those all-important down payments. Don't book a super-fancy venue if you have no idea how you'll come up with the rest of the money. But if you are sure you can at least have a basic ceremony or reception at a site you really like, you can place a down payment to reserve it before someone else takes your date.

Whatever your budget, there are always going to be items to prioritize. Figure out what means the most to you. Allocate accordingly. You may have to forgo the upgraded linens in order to hire a videographer. Or maybe you really want a chocolate fountain, so you serve one fewer hors d'oevres tray. It's all a matter of finding the right balance for your own Wedding.

Having a budget in mind early on in the planning process will make all the next steps a little easier. Sticking to your budget can be very difficult with the prices the Wedding industry throws at you, but it can be done. Always keep your priorities in mind, try your best to find deals where you can, and have fun with the process.


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Kat said...

You are right, it's all about being flexible within your own budget. Thanks!

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