Mar 30, 2008

Alternatives to Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography can be too expensive for some couples. Or maybe the couple just doesn't think they'll ever watch the video, and it's not very high on their priority list. Here are some ideas that incorporate video of your Wedding Day without going all out to hire a Wedding Videographer.

Ask a friend to be your Videographer. If you already own a video camera, or have friends or family who do, you could ask someone to be your designated Videographer for the day. You could divide this task into different segments, asking several people to take turns taking video, so that they still get to enjoy the Wedding without worrying about the Video. If you are, or you have a friend who is, talented at editing videos, you can combine the footage of the day into one charming video.

Set up a camera on a tripod. Even if you don't already own a video camera, buying one (or two or even three!) can be much more affordable than hiring a videographer. Set up one or two stations at the reception, and ask someone to monitor the cameras. This is another instance where asking people to take turns would work well. The camera attendant would encourage guests to stop and offer congratulations or a personal message, or marriage advice if you would like to ask for that, as you start your new life as a married couple. This is a great opportunity for your guests to send you special messages that they might not otherwise be able to convey to you during your busy Wedding Day.

Set still photos to music on a DVD. Your Wedding Photographer may offer a DVD of your photographs as part of a package. You could also do this with candid photos from throughout the ceremony. If you leave disposable cameras on the tables at the reception, you are sure to get many interesting photographs of moments you weren't aware of at the time. A slideshow DVD with music that is meaningful to you is an excellent way to commemorate your Wedding Day.

Be creative with these options, and have fun. Whether or not you use video, this will be a very special day indeed, that you will remember for the rest of your life.


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