Apr 18, 2008

Unity Candles

The Unity Candle is a symbol of two people becoming one after being married. You have two candles on the altar, Groom's parents, light one and the brides parents light one, then both groom and bride light the unity candle together symbolizing Unity.

Unity candles are just regular candles put on the alter at a church (or where ever you are getting married). They are lit separately and then a candle in the middle is lit together to symbolize the two families joining or the two people joining to make one family.

As an alternative to the unity candle. You could do a sand ceremony which pretty much means the same thing as a unity candle, only instead of the bride and groom taking each candle and lighting the center candle together, one holds a vase full of one color of sand, and the other person holds a vase full of a different color of sand, then they pour the sand into a center vase that is engraved with their names on it. It's a very cute thing at weddings.

You also use water or other symbols. It is a symbolism idea so it is up to you what you use.

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