Apr 18, 2008

Buying an Engagement Ring

There are many items to consider when preparing to purchase an engagement ring. Some pertain to quality of diamond others have to do with the gal your buying the ring for. Here is a quick overview to give you some ideas on purchasing an Engagement Ring.

Consider Your Girl- This item is the most overlooked part of the process. When buying any other gift you would simply say to yourself- "What would she like?" For some reason when a man starts looking at engagement rings he starts asking everyone else's opinion and rarely focuses on the recipient. If you aren't sure (absolutely sure) propose first and have her pick out the ring second. The plan is for her to wear this ring for the rest of her life, so it is important she likes it.

Understanding the Five C's- This is a complicated concept. Color, Clarity, Cut, Caret and Cost. You should read this article on the five C's to buying a diamond before you head out to the store.

Keep it a Surprise- Now if it is your intention to surprise your gal with an marriage proposal make sure you keep it a secret. This is complicated if you are asking for a blessing first. Make sure anyone you tell (and the list should be real short) doesn't know any of the details. This is important if you ask one of her friends to help you buy the ring. Don't choose the best friend, choose the best friend who is least likely to spill the beans.

Unique Wedding Favors

Consider Other Precious Stones- There are a multitude of great precious gems to choose from. If your girl doesn't normally go with trends, consider buying an engagement ring without a diamond centerpiece. Turquoise is a spectacular stone.

Multi vs Solitaire- One big diamond on a simple yellow gold band historically is the tell-tale sign of an engagement. Nowadays it is more common for Fiancees to be sporting three stones or more. As always consider your girl, is traditional more to her liking or is she always going with the latest trend.

Three Months Salary?- this is a common misconception that the Jewelry Industry has forced upon many unsuspecting potential grooms. They love the idea of you spending thousands on an engagement ring. Spend only what you feel comfortable with. Kohl's has an incredible line of Diamond rings all under $1000 and most people would never know the difference.

Marriage is the Important Part- Remember you aren't buying this ring to show that you make lots of money. You aren't trying to impress. If you are, then your motivation for engagement is starting in the wrong place. You are the prize she is getting. You are who she is saying yes to, not the ring. The ring is a symbol of your love, but it is only a symbol. The important part is the life and love you will share.

Now that you have a better idea on Engagement Rings you should read Ideas on Marriage Proposals to prepare yourself for this exciting adventure you are embarking on.


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