Mar 8, 2008

Ideas on Marriage Proposals

Well, if you are reading this article you have come to the conclusion it is time to propose marriage. You have decided to take the great plunge. You have finally found what you were looking for and you think if you ask right, she will say yes. If you're anywhere near as nervous as I was prior to proposing, you are now looking for a great idea to make sure this girl knows how much you really love her. I am going to give you a few ideas on ways to propose to guarantee she will be able to gush on about how romantic her fiance is. In case you aren't already aware of this, I'm letting you know that for at least 3 months after saying yes, she will be telling the engagement story to everyone she meets. Here are some ideas that will help your gal have the sweetest story around.

First Date revamped- A sure fire way to appear to be the caring man you surely are is to take her back to the scene of your first romantic date. That first dinner where she started thinking about you in a long term way. If you play this right, you will get points for the idea and for the proposal. Say something like wanting to go back to the place where you started to fall in love. Once there spend a nice quiet night with your love. Before the dessert, say you need to use the restroom. Then Stand up take a step towards her. Kiss her. Bend your knee and say things about "not wanting to spend another minute without her." Make sure you tell her you love her and ASK her to do you the honor of marrying you. This will illicit giggle-cries every time.

Make a Day of it- Plan out a nice quiet walk on the beach or at a local park. Bring a picnic basket and blankets. Spend a quiet afternoon together. At some point when the sun is starting to set, ask your question and be stunned by how happy you make her.

Top of the Ferris Wheel- Is it possible to be more alone with someone? Simply pay the conductor a small gratuity and ride to the top with your sweetie. When the ride suddenly stops at the top, pop your question. Keep in mind if your girl is afraid of heights this is not the right one for you.

At the Game- Now this is not the perfect proposal idea for everyone. You need to really know your girl. If she is a die-hard fan this is perfect for you. Just make sure you are with her when the proposal goes up and that you pay for it far in advance so there are no glitches when you get to the game.

Back to the Scene of the Crime- This is my personal favorite (and the way I proposed). You need to be sneaky for this one to work. Take a ride with your sweetie. Have some other agenda. On the way home, make sure you pass the sight of your first kiss, or the place where you asked her on your first date. Take a walk (if you had a reason to be nervous. I had just asked her father's blessing, it works better) to clear your head. Pretend to just realize where you are and remind her. Say something like "Well in that case (down on one knee) I better do this now" Ask your question and be prepared for tears.

Some things to keep in mind:

After you propose she is going to want to call everyone, so don't do it right before your Broadway tickets, ask her after the show.
Have a phone handy, so she can call her nearest and dearest.
Plan on being up late into the night and don't hesitate to wake the town to tell people of your engagement. They will want to know.
Have tissues ready at the car or in your pocket. She will cry and cry and cry.


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