Apr 22, 2008

Wedding Favor Cost Cutting

It is much easier to save money on your Wedding Favor then it would be to cut costs on something more important, like your Wedding Photography. All you need is time, help and know-how and you can create Wedding Favors on any budget. Consider some of these suggestions before you consider not having a Wedding Favor.

Shopping- Candles are so popular as wedding favors, mainly because of how romantic they are. If you shop around, checking out online stores and discount markets, you will find many affordable candles, some even half-priced or less.

Couple Favors- Split your Favor cost in half by offering couple favors. With this option you might even be able to spend more on each favor to get something nicer.

Tie together- Have a fun girls night or a Bridal party Party. Invite the bridesmaids and groomsmen over to tie each favor yourselves. Wrapping your own favors, will save you lots of money. Pre-wrapping can cost double the price.

Baking is Fun- Well, it might not be practical to bake for all your guests, but a few weeks before the wedding you could make homemade preserves. Attach the recipe and you have a instant delight they can share.

Double Duty- Some favors can serve two purposes. Place-card Picture frames, Boxes of chocolates standing in as your centerpiece, Or Christmas Ornaments in a Glass bowl can all be used as your centerpiece and the guests can take theirs home at the end of the night.

Creativity- Have the guest make their own favors. How glass bowls of candies and textured fabric bags. The guest can go to the display and fill their own favors.

Seeds and Bulbs- Flowers are filled with so much romanticism and bulbs and seeds contain so much hope and promise. They might be unsightly at first, but when you visit the house in the next year and see your wedding favors blooming, it will fill you with such joy.

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