Apr 22, 2008

How to Place Your Wedding Favors

There are certainly just as many ways to give your guests their Wedding Favors as there are choices of Wedding Favors. Modern Wedding Advice has highlighted some of the more popular delivery methods.

At the Place Setting- This is the simplest way to give out your Wedding Favors. Simply put one at each Table setting, and your guest can take them from there.

Couple Favors- This is cost-saving, but slightly harder to give them out. Make sure the names of the recipients are on the favors and place them in between couple place settings. "Plus Ones" will share with their date. Don't forget the kids, and make sure sibling don't share.

Favor Displays- Depending on the Wedding Favors, you can opt to have a favor display. Guest would be directed to this beautiful display at some point during the reception where they can pick up there favors.

Valet Help- If there will be valet parking at your reception, ask the valets to help by placing favors inside the cars of your guests. How about bagels and cream cheese along with the New York Times? Or a small box of donuts? A CD with the two of you singing or giving a "thank you" message is another clever idea, as is a an air freshener hung on each rear view mirror!

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