Apr 22, 2008

Most Popular Wedding Favors

Just as the Beatles took over from Elvis, a Modern Wedding Favor will break from tradition. The most popular Wedding Favors are quickly becoming the new tradition. Modern Wedding Advice has compiled this list of suggestions for your Modern Wedding.

Picture Frames- Though on the more expensive side, picture frames are one of the most popular wedding favors. Some couples put them at the table with a note of thanks and love. If you wish to be more budget conscious, you can give these favors a double duty as your place card holders. Simply put the seating assignment in the frame and have the guest pick them up. Then the guest can take these lovely adorned Frames home and remember your wedding forever.

Candles- With a piece of Raffia tied to your wedding candles, the guest will be able to remember your flame for a long time after the wedding.

Bridal Handbags & Totes

Soaps- Handmade soap that can be made in different colors can be put in textured fabric bags and enter the useful wedding favor section.

Coasters- "L-O-V-E" or photo frame coasters also become practical favors which will help your guest remember your day for years to come.

Chocolate- One of the least expensive favors are also the most popular. Whether personalized or not, Chocolates won't last as long or other favors, but they are certainly sweet.

Uniqueness- Wedding Favors that offer your personal touch is always the best. Whether a mix CD or a copy of the Wedding Video. Add your own style to your Thank You gift to your guests.

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