Apr 22, 2008

Wedding Favors - Small Gifts, Big Purpose

Wedding Favors are small gifts or tokens that you hand out to your guests at your Wedding Reception. They can come in many sizes and can be highly unique, but they serve a magnificent purpose. They are a lasting memory of the Wedding Day that they shared with you.

Favors don't have to be too expensive, in fact they can be very simple, but they should be included in a formal wedding. Wedding Favors are a great way to reflect your personality and wedding theme. Consider, flip-flops or saltwater taffy for your Beach Wedding. You can have Christmas Ornaments at your Christmas Wedding. Whatever you choose, make sure it means something to you and share that with your guests.

There are many ways to incorporate your favors into your Wedding Reception. You can make them part of the place cards; A small picture frame with the seating assignment inside. You can add them to the centerpiece; Boxes of chocolates that your guests take with them. Whatever you choose, make sure you consider your guests and how your Wedding Favor will thank them and help them remember you.

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