Apr 23, 2008

Best Wedding Websites

As my professional website editor status allows me to spend countless hours reading articles about every wedding subject you could think of I thought I would share with my readers some of the place I frequent. When there is a subject or a new trend and I want other expert opinions these are the sites I go to.

Offbeat Bride- This is one of the first Wedding sites I started to read. I started reading this site way before I had any wedding planning aspirations. Ariel, who incidentally wrote an incredible book, offers vastly different advice to any other source online. Her insights are intriguing and purely fun to read. You will not find a better site online. You can buy her book here- Offbeat Bride: Taffeta-Free Alternatives for Independent Brides

Style Me Pretty- Simply the best photography of any site I frequent. I highly enjoy the aspect of style that is the focus of this incredible site.

Outdoor Wedding- Now I have to be honest, the color structure of this blog is kind of problematic for me. I do tend to want to leave the site. Why do I resist, because it is perhaps the best wedding advice online.

Polka Dot Bride- This site offers simply a great website design that is both easy to navigate and pretty to read from. I love the pictures and mainly the style.

The Preppy Wedding- This is not a professional wedding site and I believe that is the main reason I frequent it. I love the incredible advice that comes from this great site. It is absolutely a blog, but it is highly worth the read.

Dahlias-Day- This blog on practical wedding advice is a logical place to stop when researching your wedding ideas. It contains matter of fact ideas. The article on the recession weddings is of particular interest and is a must read.

There are some other sites worth mentioning. These are the top wedding sites online. I don't however tend to gravitate towards them, because the advice is so bland. I do love them for their forums and wedding tools, but as far as advice...

The Knot
Wedding Channel
One Wed
Bliss Weddings
Just Weddings

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Polka Dot Bride said...

Oh thankyou for the lovely compliment! I really appreciate it :)

Kim Knox Beckius said...

I'm so glad you've found the advice at my Outdoor Wedding Blog helpful. I keep telling myself that I'll find time one of these days to work on enhancing the design, and I'll keep your color scheme comment in mind!

~Kim Knox Beckius
Author, The Everything Outdoor Wedding Book