Apr 17, 2008

Wedding Day Beauty

A bride will look beautiful on her Wedding Day no matter what- that kind of happiness means a radiant beauty no one can miss. But keeping in mind what a special occasion it is, and how many eyes and cameras will be on her, many brides take steps to augment their beauty. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Don't go crazy with your hair right before the Wedding. Don't cut or dye your hair the week of the Wedding. This is the wrong time to chance something going wrong. Let the dye set in your hair for at least a week, and if need be, you can fix it in that time. If you cut your hair several weeks before the Wedding it will be healthy, and in case you get results you didn't expect, you have time to think of an alternative hairdo without freaking out too much.

Go for hair style trial runs. You can test stylists out by getting your hair done for a special occasion well before the Wedding. Once you do decide on a stylist, have a Wedding Day trial run 4-6 weeks before the Wedding. Bring your veil and headpiece, and any hair pins or the type of flower you might wish to work into your hairstyle. Take plenty of pictures. See how the style holds up during the day. If you go this close to the Wedding Day the style will still be fresh in the stylist's mind.

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Don't go crazy with your skincare regime right before the Wedding.
Especially when you're stressed, your body can do weird things. You don't want to test a new product and end up breaking out right before the Wedding. Use the same routine you always do, and slowly introduce anything new well before the Wedding. Don't have any waxing done right before the Wedding. Skin can get puffy or red, and just look a little off in photographs. Be judicious with tweezers, too. Especially if you don't normally tweeze your eyebrows, it might be a good time to have a professional do them for you.

Go for makeup trial runs. Find a makeup artist who specializes in special events. Make sure you're happy with the way they do your makeup, and that it holds up throughout the day with minimal reapplication. Keep in mind that you want everyone to recognize you. Let the makeup highlight your natural beauty, not become a mask. Light coverage is what you should be going for, and colors that work with your natural coloring.

Have fun getting dolled up, and remember that with or without special effort on your Wedding Day, you will be absolutely beautiful.


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