Apr 17, 2008

Wedding Day Disposable Cameras

There are going to be many, many memorable moments at your Wedding. One way to capture some of the moments that you might miss out on, and your photographer can't be there for all of them, is to place disposable cameras on each of the tables at the reception.

There are cameras made specifically for Weddings. They come in pretty designs, with flowers, hearts, rings, bells, the words Wedding Day, or customized with your names. You can find them for $4 per camera most places.

If you designate someone to collect all the cameras at the end of the reception and have the pictures developed while you're on your honeymoon, you'll have lots of great pictures to enjoy looking through when you get home. You can pick your favorites and put them into an album. You'll be able to see your loved ones having a great time celebrating this most important day of your lives.

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