May 4, 2008

Using Letterpress for Invitations

When it comes time to print you wedding invitations, you should consider having letterpress invitations, budget be damned. Letterpress printing is printed with movable type, and the surface of the type is then inked and pressed against a smooth substance, such as a note card or envelope. Letterpress was the go-to source for printed matter for over 500 years, but since it is so time and process intensive, letterpress has become a specialized art and rather expensive as well. Recently I stumbled upon Vertallee Letterpress, which basically will save your wedding budget (and life).

Their website says "Vertallee is thrilled to work with designers, new parents, brides, grooms, friends, business owners & anyone seeking the sharp, classic quality of letterpress printing. We are capable of all levels of service; from creating a stationary package from scratch to printing our client-designed projects. We especially love bringing your ideas to press and can advise you on the best design choices for premier letterpress results."

Owned by husband-and-wife team Kat and Brad Murph, this full-service letterpress and design firm operates out of a shop in Austin, TX. They roll out their designs on a tabletop Hohner letterpress as well as a Heidelberg. They're happy to design everything from wedding invitations to business cards, and are just as willing to work with other designers as well. They also provide finishing services such as scoring, die cutting, perforating, folding, and trimming.

Working with Kat and Brad is a dream — they will answer all of your emails in a timely manner, and be up front and on budget with estimates. Their work is stunning as well. Take a look at the gallery for some images of their work and press. You can also check out more of their cards and invitation work at their Etsy shop.

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