Apr 2, 2008

A Splendid Wedding under $1000

During the excitement of the Wedding Planning process we sometimes forget that the most important part of the Wedding is the magical life two people are going to spend together after the Ceremony, and not the Party itself. So in light of that, here are some great ideas to make Marriage the focus of your wedding and accomplish it in the most inexpensive way possible.

Whether or not you are truly religious you can have a wedding ceremony take place at your local church. Most church fees can be waived for members of the congregation who are in need and truly want to be joined in Holy Matrimony. And even if you had to pay for the rental it is miniscule compared to the cost of a Ceremony site at a Reception Venue. Cost 0-350

Ask around your friends and families and search for the biggest house or yard and see if you can use it to have your reception at. You can have a buffet, set up a sound system and attach an Ipod or CD player. You don't need to even have too many tables. You can rent everything you need for 100 guests for under $300.

Wedding Cake
Make your own wedding cake. Simply buy an extra amount of frosting. Shop online for a cake topper and buy three different size cakes. Use toothpicks to stabilize each tier or pins. Add a piece of Cardboard over the Stabilizers and put the next size cake on. Use the extra frosting to cover the cardboard and getting some icing to detail the base of each layer. Add the Cake topper you found online. Voila instant Wedding Cake. All for under $100 and if you take your time or have an artistic friend it can look great.

Remember that if you have the money and WANT to spend it a Wedding can be as expensive as you want. If you are on a budget or realize the most important part is the actual Marriage then cut the items you don't need and insert some of these ideas, you will have a great wedding day either way.


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