Apr 2, 2008

Perfect Wedding Cake

One of the most important days is a person's life is their Wedding. The Wedding Cake is perhaps one of the most symbolic items at your Wedding. Most guest won't remember what they ate at your Wedding, but they will recount every detail of your Wedding Cake.

You used to be able to wait four months before your Wedding to order your cake; That is perhaps foolhardy these days. If you are having your ceremony in one of the busy Wedding times, you don't want to be disappointed and find that the Cake Company is booked for the week of your Wedding. Some companies will take a deposit to hold your Cake, even if you don't pick the particular one. This is a good idea, especially if you know the company you are going to use.

Try unique combinations of Flavors and Icings. Unless you want the traditional "I had that cake at 'so an so's' Wedding last week" White Cake with vanilla icing or Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing.

Remember to call in advance and arrange a Cake Tasting. This is a great way to choose from an assortment of great combinations. Just remember, if you get stuck with a certain cake (whether pricing or timing) Is cake ever really bad?

Remember as much as your choice of Wedding Cake says something about you, it is also being enjoyed by many other people. Keep them in mind if you want to be remembered for being the caring person you are when not planning a wedding. They will thank you for it.


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Anonymous said...

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