Apr 29, 2008

Choosing Your Reception Music

There are many ways for you to settle on reception dance music. The first thing to consider is are there any appropriate songs that you have been listening to for years. If there are pencil them into the Wedding music list. Was there a song you dance with your father at the sock hops, perhaps a favorite tune that your mother used to sing to you. There are no wrong choices.

Secondly, establishing a mood for your wedding reception is something that your disc jockey can help you with. S/he is probably more familiar with songs that can be appropriate at different points in your reception- Cake-cutting, First Dance, Last dance. You should get your DJ's advice, but realize it is your day and your make the ultimate decisions.

The pace of the reception will be helped along by your soundtrack and therefor it is important to pick the right songs. There are many to choose from but whether your having a summer 20008 wedding or a 2009 fall wedding, you should still take your time to decide.

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