Apr 27, 2008

Bride's Wedding Gift

Sometimes during all these crazy Wedding Planning days, when your spending your money quicker than you are making it, make sure you leave something aside to buy your soon to be wife a rehearsal dinner Wedding Gift.

This gift doesn't have to be the most elaborate item you have ever seen, but it should have some sentimentality to it. Here are some ideas for you to look through to at least give you an idea about what your buying.

Wedding Jewelry- This can be ear rings, a bracelet or a pearl necklace. This can be something your mother wore, your grandmother owned or purchased the week before at you local jewelers. It isn't a matter of price. just consider your bride and what she would want. Also talk to her mother or Maid of Honor and figure out what would look best with her wedding attire and also to make sure you don't buy something someone else already bought for her.

A Love Letter- You will never go wrong with words from your heart. Tell her to open this letter when she is laying down for bed or when she wakes up. If you are traditional you will not see her again until she walks down the aisle and this little memento will get her through her toughest day. Tell her how much you love her and why you are marrying her. She will run to her mother in tears and tell everyone how much you mean. You don't need to be Shakespeare to pull this one off, just be truthful and honest and share your love.

Mix-tape- In this day and age it will probably be a CD, but the point is to give her a moment in time where she will feel loved. You can arrange a wake-up call CD. She can press play when she wakes up, and it can start with your voice telling her how you love her and will see her at the Ceremony. It can be romantic ballads or Fun girly music. Include any of "your" songs. This shouldn't be an epic opera, it should be a few songs that the girls can play while they are getting ready.

Something for the Honeymoon- Now hold your horses, it is her job to buy the sexy lingerie. It would be better if you got her tickets to a show she has wanted to see and you said you couldn't stand. Or a new bathing suit that is not to sexy, to make her realize you want her to be happy. It could be a snorkeling mask or dinner reservations that she didn't think you could get. This is to show her how important her happiness is to you and that even amongst all this wedding planning, you found time to buy her something hard to get.

Their are other great ideas, this is just a sampling to get you in the mood to start impressing your girl again. Marriage isn't the end of your fun, it is truly just the beginning.


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