May 3, 2008

Modern Wedding Toasts

Wedding Toasts have become one of the most cherished Wedding traditions. It is a custom believed to have been started in 16th century France, where it was customary for men to toast the health of any women present at a banquet; only naturally it has evolved into toasting the Bride on her Wedding Day.

Modern Wedding tradition is for the first toast to be given by the Best Man. The introductory toast is usually offered once everyone has been seated for the meal. If a blessing of food is said prior to eating, this will precede the Wedding Toasts. Once everyone is seated the Best Man will take the microphone and offer his Wedding Toast.

It is fine for the Best Man's Wedding Toast to be the only one of the evening, but there are a few others who can and often do give their Wedding Toasts.

Father of the Bride (and Father of the Groom)- It is becoming more traditional for both Fathers to offer a welcome to each other's families and guest or to share the excitement and joy of the joining of their children.

Maid of Honor- Though it is tradition for only the Best Man to toast, the Modern Couple often includes the Maid of Honor in the toasting list. This is quickly becoming the contemporary custom to have both honor attendants give Wedding Toasts.

Bridal Party members- Although not traditionally done, this modern wedding practice can easily be included into your Wedding Day.

Groom- The Groom usually makes his toast at the Rehearsal Dinner, but it would be perfectly fine for him to offer a Toast to his Bride and his new parents-in-law.

Bride and Groom- The happy couple can certainly make a toast together; or if you prefer, either or both of you can make individual Wedding Toasts. This can be used to thank your guests and to make a special thank you to those who helped you plan this special day.

It is always a good idea to give a list to your Master of Ceremonies (usually your DJ) of who will be giving a toast. This will help keep the day running smoothly and also allow you to prevent your drunk cousin from Toasting the Bride's wonderful figure.

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