Mar 3, 2008

Setting Up Your Personal Wedding Website

You might ask why you need a Personal Wedding website. The answer is simple- to show off to the world the important events going on in your life right now. Another practical answer is that it can inform your guest of certain specifics about your wedding that will make everyone's lives a little easier. You can include information that will help your guests do things like look up directions to your ceremony and reception sites, plan things to do during their stay if they are coming from out of town, and simply to share in the excitement of the wedding to come.

First things first, there is really no need to pay for your own wedding website. Nearly every Wedding Site listed on the right of this page will offer a free personal Wedding Page. Let me quickly take you through starting your wedding website.

Sign up for a free account on, which will also give you plenty of other great features. Simply fill out the form and start reaping the benefits.

Now to setup your own webpage: click here

Click the Start Now button of the offer on the left

Go through each section of the page and fill in the blanks. Don't forget to add a picture of you (usually an engagement Picture!)

You can add any Gift Registries you have already set up, or add them later once you do. This way your guests can use the link directly from your site to buy a wedding gifts.

Hit Publish, and the site is finished.

If you are worried about your details and information being out in the world, you can add a guest password, which you can include on your invitations or announcements so only the people you choose will be able to access your site.

Simply include the unique address on your Invitations and any Wedding related emails that you send, and your guests will be able to quickly see all the details about your special day. They can also RSVP on the site itself. I wouldn't suggest using this as the only means of RSVP's but it can be helpful to your event planning if some people do use it.

If you found this article helpful please add a link to our site from your webpage. On you can add the following to the additional details section.

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the websites on are much more comprehesive. they also have better designs. i tried both and think's sites are by far better than the knot's.