Mar 31, 2008

Should You Invite Children?

This a problematic question for most couples planning their nuptials. Children can be a delight at a wedding or they can ruin a beautiful ceremony. It becomes a question of politics to many families and is therefore a true issue.

-Children can bring a magic to any event that adults can never seem to match
-It is hard not to have your cute nieces and nephew come to join in the festivities
-Flower girls and Ring bearers are an essential to most couples
-Some important adult family members, will consider it a personal thank you to have their children at the Wedding

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-Some Children don't tend to do long days well
-Some Children can tend to be noisy during the quiet solemn parts of a ceremony
-Some Parents might not come or will be mad if their children aren't invited (this is particularly bad if you invite some children but not all of them)

Ways around the dilemma

-Some reception sights will allow the use of a space to have the children, with hired supervision. You can hire a babysitter or two to watch all the kids.
-Some Parents will be willing to bring their kids to the reception and not the wedding ceremony, where if they are loud or misbehave it will not affect to many people.

So the question remains, but you can make it work. Remember that wedding you were invited too as a child and how much fun you had. Or remember how much it hurt that you weren't invited. Also think about the parents, they will want their children their far more than you will, but you love them all and you should make some strides to include as many as you can on this most happy day.


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