Mar 30, 2008

Alternatives to Rice

The tradition of throwing rice to send off the newly married couple has gone by the wayside, due to its negative effect on birds and the difficulty of cleaning it up. Here are a few alternatives to consider:

Bubbles- Mini bottles of bubbles are extremely popular and easy to find at Wedding supply stores. A cloud of bubbles gives a whimsical atmosphere.

Bells- Have your guests ring small bells instead of throwing anything. They still get to do something celebratory, and it leaves no mess.

Flower petals- Toss flower petals instead of rice. This is a lovely, romantic option. Stay away from red rose petals, as they can stain clothes.

Bird Seed- A more environmentally friendly alternative to rice
Live Butterflies- Your guests can release live butterflies as you walk by. This can be a breathtaking sight.

Sparklers- Have your guests wave sparklers for a night Wedding. This is quite festive looking.

Be creative, and have fun.


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