Mar 31, 2008

2008 Wedding Planning Tips

Now that your are officially an engaged couple, you are starting to discover that Wedding Planning is not the most enjoyable part of your Wedding. Sure it does have its fun moments (Finding the Wedding Gown, Shopping for Rings) but mostly it is just a great deal of work. There are some tips to keep your eyes on the prize and maintain your sanity while planning the Wedding of your dreams.

Reality Check- The more options you look at the more you realize that it is possible to spend over one hundred thousand dollars on your Wedding. There are so many upgrades that will make your wedding perfect. Keep your budget in mind. If you can't afford a chocolate fountain don't look at them. If you are pretty sure no one will eat caviar don't order it. These seem simple but you need to keep your budget in mind at all times. Sure there are times when you can splurge, but you need to pick your moments and consider how that item will really effect the overall experience of your wedding.

Trust your Bridesmaids- If you spend your entire Wedding Planning process micromanaging ever last detail you will lose your mind, and quite possibly a few friends. Most ladies understand that you will be picking their dresses but if you pick every detail of their outfits, including lipstick color you will find that they don't want to go along with your decisions, and that will create resentments. These gals are your friends not your puppets and they will be more able to enjoy your wedding and add to the overall experience if they feel comfortable in the shoes.

Plus One's- You might feel the urge to allow your single friends to bring a date. I feel this can be a mistake. Not only will you jack up the Wedding bill, but you will never likely see these strangers again. The simple rule I use is- If they are engaged or married invite them- If they are in the Wedding party or extremely close to you, let them invite a friend- If they are likely a last minute addition, they can come alone.

Wedding Registry- Now the time you spend on your Wedding Registry is time well spent. Not only will you ensure you don't receive three toasters, you will also make it easier for your guest to buy you something they know you will like. Don't obsess but do take your time to make sure there are plenty of items on the Wedding Registry.

Rehearsal Dinner- This is a night for you to relax about details, you are after all planning most of the time the next day. If you allow your family to take on the responsibility of this night, you will find that your Wedding will go more smoothly.

Don't Stress the Parties- This goes for the Bride and Groom. Allow the trust that has built up between you extend to the Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties. These nights are basically out of your control and you have to trust he will come home because he prefers you to a girl named bambi- and she will absolutely not test the fireman's hose so relax.

These tips will help you relax and hopefully have the time of your life. Wedding Planning is stressful but you can rise above the fray if you take your time and always remember you have a partner in this and include each other in all decisions than you know it will truly be the first day of your lives together.


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1 comment:

Mimi Jackson said...

Such great tips...especially on trusting the bridesmaids! As a dressmaker, one piece of advice I find myself giving constantly these days, is do not try to design and style your bridesmaids to death! I keep meeting excited brides who think they want to commit their bridesmaids to custom dresses, and I repeat the same mantra each time...

"Do you really want to require your bridesmaids to maintain their weight until the wedding day?"

"Are you prepared to take financial responsibility for your maids gowns?"

"Will you find each one who isn't within close travelling distance a local dressmaker?"

That usually sobers them up.