Apr 12, 2008

Wedding 2008 Registry Tips

Creating a wedding registry should be one of the most enjoyable parts of the Wedding Planning process- you are after all picking out the gifts and goodies you'd like to receive as you start your new life together. This excitement could be accompanied by anxiety- too many choices, should I ask for this, etc. Here are some tips for you on how and what to register for. Hopefully this will keep any anxiety to a minimum. These keep with the times and are updated to consider the 2008 wedding trends and themes.

Where to register? You will probably want to keep your registries to a minimum (3 is good, 5 is really the max) to help your guests find gifts. Consider the selection and quality of the items a store carries. Amazon.com is a great start. Your guests will appreciate the online convenience, and you'll be able to find most anything there. Department stores are another great option. You can select the items to register for online, or in person with a Registry Representative. With this option your guests can choose to go to the store and pick something out, or they can enjoy shopping from home.

What to register for?
Don't register for items you feel like you should want (but don't); register for the items you want and will use. Consider that your guests will have different budgets. Make sure you register for small or inexpensive items, but it's also okay to register for a big ticket item- maybe a few guests will want to chip in together. So, include everything from towel sets, to that plasma TV.

Who to bring?
It's okay to seek the advice of your Bridesmaids and Mother, but leave them at home when it comes time to set up the bridal registry. This is a time for just the bride and groom to go out together. This is a mutual wish list, and you want to make sure both of your tastes are reflected, after all, they are gifts for you as a new couple.

A couple things to remember:

Have items shipped to your parents' or another close relative's house before the wedding, and shipped directly to your home afterwards.

Make sure you check your registries periodically to keep them updated. If there's nothing left that isn't already checked off you may end up with 12 towel sets or 6 toasters. (And that defeats the purpose of the registry ;))

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