May 5, 2008

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Mickey wrote an article about Bachelor Parties; now it's my turn to write about Bachelorettes. I really like his ideas, so some of this will sound familiar.

-Have a photo scavenger hunt
Come up with a list of shots every group has to get, and make sure every group has a digital camera. Have a starting and ending place established. The crazier the ideas you come up with, the more fun it will be. Have everyone print their pictures before they return, and at the end, put all the pictures into an album. This will be a great keepsake for the bride.

Some ideas:
* Somebody doing a handstand
* Posing with and imitating a statue
* Acting out a scene from a movie (preferrably one of the bride's favorites)
* Everyone dressing up as a character using makeshift costumes
* Cramming as many people as possible into a small space. Enlist the help of people outside the scavenger hunt for this one. Alternately, find the smallest possible space you can fit everyone on your team into.
* Everyone jumping, and caught mid-air for the picture
* Goofing around at a playground

-Camping Trip
This could be a great outdoors experience, with campfires, s'mores, ghost stories, trust falls, canoeing, etc.; or it could mean pitching a tent in a backyard and having a barbecue. Or pitching a tent in a living room in the winter.

-Have a slumber party
Get all the girls together for a total girls' night in. Do makeovers (Crazy makeup and 80's hairdos anyone?); make popcorn and watch chick flicks; eat Ben & Jerry's out of the carton, then have a dance-off so no one worries too much about fitting into their dresses; facial masks; manicures and pedicures; truth or dare; crazy stories about the bride. Look around a crafts store and pick out something everybody can decorate for the bride. You could also have everyone make their own t-shirts, decorated with markers or fabric paint, or tie-dye.

-Have a spa trip
Give everyone a break from pre-wedding stress

-Go to a piano bar
Go for a night out somewhere other than a typical bar

-Head to a casino
If there's one near you, make a night of it

-High Tea
Have everyone get dressed in their best and do High Tea at a ritzy hotel. Or you could get together at one of the girls houses, This is a fun option to include the older members of the Bridal Family, Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom.

-Hire a Bellydancing Instructor
You can have a professional bellydancer come to the party and give all the ladies a lesson. This is a fun way to learn something new and will make for great memories. This is also a great way to celebrate your femininity

-Have a theme party
Throw a lingerie party where everyone brings a gift of lingerie for the bride.

Things to keep in mind:
Expecting people to participate in something that's too much of a financial burden can cause a lot of resentment.
Some men think a bachelorette party means it's open season on the bride. If you're going out in public, maybe take turns playing body-guard to the bride to prevent unwanted advances from men who think they can walk up and kiss the bride-to-be, or other such nonsense.

Most importantly, Have fun!


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