Apr 30, 2008

Planning Your Rehearsal Dinner

One of the final stages of Wedding Planning is planning a Rehearsal Dinner. This intimate evening is a special time for the Bridal couple to thank the people closest to them. The event also has a practical theme, feed the people who have just gone through the Wedding Rehearsal. In the old days, this event was planned and hosted by the Groom's parents, but with the changing times it is now usually included in the total cost of the wedding. Here is a guide to the events typical at a Rehearsal dinner and the planning of that event.

Choose a Theme and color scheme (this is typically is contrast to that of the wedding)

Select a location and hire a caterer or make reservations

Make your guest list (include the wedding party, their spouses or dates, the families, the officiant, and his or her spouse)(You can also make a gesture to any out-of-town guest and invite them)(Invite the parents of your ring-bearer and flower girls)

Select and send invitations about four weeks prior

Prepare name tags and place cards (if you want) to help guests feel more comfortable with those around them

Prepare an Icebreaker game or activity to encourage mingling and socializing

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Have the Father of the Groom
(or whomever is the host) off a toast after the dinner. He is followed by the Father of the Bride, the groom, perhaps the bride and any others who wish to make a toast.

Use this opportunity to give out your Bridal Party Gifts. The parents might choose this time to present their gifts as well.

End the Party early (this gives your guests time to rest before the big day begins)

Make sure you take a moment to spend with your future spouse. This is a great time to give them something to open when they get home and remember why they are marrying you


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