May 4, 2008

Selecting Your Maid of Honor

For some people, choosing a maid of honor is a no-brainer. For other people, it might be a much tougher decision. But it is also a very exciting one. Your MOH is your best gal pal, your go-to-girl, your sounding board, a voice of calm in the midst of the craziness of wedding planning, and somebody to squeal and giggle with you over the fun little details. She may be your sister, your bestest pal since you were 3, or someone who's become a wonderful addition to your life more recently.

If you're wondering how on earth you're going to choose, here are a few guidelines for you. (See also Bridal Party Duties)

Family First

If you are lucky enough to have one sister, this makes the decision easy. If you have two, you could have two Maids of Honor, or pick the oldest, or if there's a small age difference between you and one, that might make sense. If one sister has her heart set on it and another doesn't, that can also make it easier. If you are the eldest and your sister is still in kindergarten, then choose your best friend and have your sister be a junior Bridesmaid.

Oldest Friend Next

Even if you aren't the closest anymore. The oldest friend whom you are still on good terms with is next in line. This is the gal whom you grew up telling all your secrets to. This lady has seen you some pretty rough times along with the good, and deserves to be there on this most wonderful day. Plus if you've been friends that long, she already knows your everyday level of crazy, can put up with your bridal crazy, and tell you frankly if you're becoming Bridezilla.

Guys can work

If you find yourself in a unique position that you have no sisters, and no best girlfriends, you could use your brother or best guy friend. Maybe you always hung out with the guys. Maybe you are marrying your closest friend. Whatever the case, your best guy friend will work, under these conditions. If he has been there through all the struggles, was there at the beginning, and you never dated him. If you dated him for even a minute, your future husband may well be jealous of him. This is a time for unity not testing the bonds of your love. A man could also be a male attendant if he's the kind of friend you'd like to have as a "bridesmaid."

Extended Family

If you are not sure who to pick, you can always ask a cousin or an aunt. It is not the best idea to pick your mother (your Maid of Honor is supposed to help you deal with your Mother), but you could if you wanted. You can pick a brother (younger works better). The biggest thing to remember is you can pick whomever you want, just make sure she (or he) is going to help you during these stressful times.

Once you pick your MOH, have them immediately read Bachelorette Party Ideas and tell them to start planning. Oh and just in case (not that you will need the help) have them read How to Avoid Being a 'Bridezilla'. Cheers


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