May 4, 2008

Wedding Cake Toppers

A Wedding Cake with a plastic Bride and Groom smiling on top is a very traditional image. This is quite common, but there are plenty of other options for Wedding Cake Toppers, too.

Bride and Groom- Usually plastic, but available in other mediums as well. This can be a traditional smiling Bride and Groom, or a whimsical pose, or a humorous one.

The Icing on the Cake- You could ask your baker to use icing to create the cake topper. This could be elegant flowers, a design that matches the rest of the cake, or an icing "sculpture." It could be your initials, a heart, or another design that matches the theme of your wedding.

Fresh Flowers- Fresh flowers are a beautiful and different way to adorn the top of your cake.

Photo Frame- Some couples choose to have a photograph atop their cake. Frames specifically designed for this are available.

Wedding Cake Jewelry- Wedding cake jewelry can be spectacular. Options include intertwined hearts, crowns, flowers, stars, or your initials. These are decorated with crystals and can be silver or a variety of colors.

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