May 4, 2008

Thursday Night Weddings

In 2008, Weddings on Thursdays are becoming more and more popular. Choosing a Thursday night to hold your Wedding will make you stand out, reduce your competition with other couples, and get you great discounts from vendors. Because this newly popular choice is still relatively uncommon, vendors hope to get your business and can't count on someone else choosing your date.

For a Thursday Night Wedding, it is ideal if the majority of your guests are local. If you have a few important guests from out of town, check with them well in advance to see what their options are for getting enough time off to travel to your Wedding.

On a Thursday night you could have a simple cocktail party atmosphere, or a formal dinner. Evenings are excellent for super elegance. The mid-week time could work equally as well if you'd like a more relaxed feel.

Many Wedding Reception sites offer discounts of up to 50% on Thursdays. This can be a way to afford the site of your dreams, at a cost that fits your budget. And, chances are good your guests won't have other events they are obligated to attend on a Thursday evening. People will remember your Wedding for its uniqueness. There are many benefits to choosing this unconventional time to host your Wedding.


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