Jun 1, 2008

Bridesmaids: Simple Silhouettes

Simple Silhouettes Bridesmaid Collection
Christina Dalle Pezze never set out to be a pioneer in the bridesmaid dress world, but thankfully it happened. In 1996, friends of hers expressed their frustration in finding chic bridesmaids dresses. Having sewn and designed clothes for herself since she was very young, she came to the rescue by designing some classic boat neck sheath dresses in a beautiful cashmere and wool fabric. In doing so, she realized there was a real need for simple bridesmaid dresses. Determined to fill the void in the market, she designed a small line of timeless, elegant dresses, made them from fine silk fabrics, and called them bridesmaid dresses. Hence, Simple Silhouettes, the first modern bridesmaid dress company, was created.

Bringing Simple Silhouettes to what it is today was no easy task. Christina set up shop in her tiny one bedroom fourth floor walkup apartment. She turned her bedroom into a workroom/fitting area, her living room into her showroom, and found herself sleeping on the couch amongst the dresses, patterns, fabric, catalogs, etc. Shortly thereafter, she realized that she must have created something special since her customers were gladly climbing the four flights of stairs to see her dresses. Word spread and soon she was dressing hundreds of bridal parties. Today, she happily sells her collection throughout the United States and Canada. And, if you visit her showroom in New York, there is a good chance you will find her personally helping brides create the look that is right for their wedding and making their bridesmaids feel and look beautiful.

Simple Silhouettes Bridesmaid Collection gallery and retailer information available at Simple Silhouettes.

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