Nov 28, 2007

Stationary Checklist

Chances are, you're going to put a lot of thought into your invitations. It's the first hint you're giving your guests about the atmosphere of your wedding. While you are ordering your invitations, keep in mind the other stationary you're going to need that it would be nice to have coordinated.

Save the Date cards- These are especially helpful to out of town guests who will have to make travel arrangements

Invitations- If you are having a very formal wedding, you'll want formal invitations. If you're having a low-key wedding on the beach, your invitations can be more casual as well.

Response cards- Make sure you have a response card included with each invitation, with spaces for guests' names, number of guests in their party, and their meal choice if they are being given an option. Stamp and address the return envelopes.

Directions- Make sure you provide easy-to-follow directions from the ceremony site to the reception site. You might also want to provide directions to the reception site from various directions if some of your guests have never been there.

Programs- You'll want to have plenty of programs for all your guests. Include your names, the dates, the readings and hymns, and any other pertinent information.

Thank you notes- It's nice to have your thank you notes printed on the same stationary as the invitations. You could have these monogrammed with both of your names or initials.

Appropriate envelopes- Make sure you have envelopes for all the announcements/invitations/thank yous that you'll be sending out, as well as the response cards.

Address labels- If you aren't having names printed by a calligrapher, have address labels for the envelopes. These are especially helpful for the response cards.

Stamps- The post office will have pretty stamps, often wedding-themed ones. Don't forget to put stamps on the response cards for your guests to send back to you.

Every single piece of stationary doesn't have to match exactly, but try to keep a uniform theme to them.


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