May 27, 2008

Considering Your Wedding Guests

Your Wedding Ceremony is probably the most important single day in you life to date. It is a time of Love, New Beginnings, and Happiness. This is a celebration you have probably waited your whole life for. You want everything to be perfect.

The biggest problem with seeking perfection is you rarely will achieve it. Modern Wedding Advice highly recommends you strive for uniqueness and celebration. A day you can be proud to tell your grandchildren about. A day your guests will tell their friends about as an example of two people truly loving not only each other, but their family and friends also.

Ways to achieve this goal fit into a simple formula. Plan a party, complete with music and dancing, making everything about your guest and their happiness. If you consider your guests first and the bridal couple second, you will make a lasting impression. If you really wanted the day to be just about you, you would have eloped. This is a party in your honor to celebrate life and the joining of two souls.

There are ways to include your own personal touch in everything you do, but consider your guests, too. For example, if the whole wedding party is Vegetarian except the Bride and Groom, make sure you include a great vegetarian entree, not just the standard pasta most caterers will offer. You can have Wedding Favors that are personalized, but if you buy personalized golf balls just because the Newlyweds golf, most of them will go to waste.

You are planning a celebration with your family and friends; just make sure you don't let wedding vendors push you into making decisions before you have had a chance to consider everyone.


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